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We offer a wide range of Primers, however if you're unsure which is the best for your job, why not give us a call on 01606 214 201 and we will be happy to help!

  • Prime Plus - Wall & floor primer for absorbent & non-absorbent surfaces

    Tilemaster Adhesives Prime Plus

    £5.40£17.91 (£6.48 Inc. VAT)
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  • Tilemaster Flexmaster - Multi Purpose Flexible Additive & Primer

    Tilemaster Adhesives Flexmaster Flexible Additive And Primer- 5 Litre

    £23.31 (£27.97 Inc. VAT)
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  • Ardex P51 - Concentrated Water-Based Primer

    Ardex P51 Water-Based Primer – 5Kg

    £33.97£174.68 (£40.76 Inc. VAT)
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  • Ronacrete Standard Primer

    £11.19£35.31 (£13.43 Inc. VAT)
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  • Flowcrete Flowchem SP3 - In surface reactive chemical hardener

    Flowcrete Flowprime

    £64.40£107.80 (£77.28 Inc. VAT)
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  • Flowcrete Isocrete Primer – 25 Litre

    £149.62 (£179.54 Inc. VAT)
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  • Uzin PE 360 - Dispersion primer for absorbent substrates

    Uzin PE 360 Universal Primer (New)

    £36.52£68.75 (£43.82 Inc. VAT)
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  • Resbuild Texturing Additive - Slip resistance for coatings and sealers

    Resbuild WB Primer

    £54.00£140.40 (£64.80 Inc. VAT)
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  • Flowcoat SF41 - hard wearing coloured floor coating

    Flowcrete Flowprime Fastcure – 4.7Kg

    £71.64 (£85.97 Inc. VAT)
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  • Mapei Eco Prim T - Solvent free acrylic primer

    Mapei Eco Prim T

    £38.86£144.92 (£46.63 Inc. VAT)
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  • Ronacrete Rapid Primer - Fast Setting Bonding Primer

    Ronacrete Rapid Primer

    £12.37£39.56 (£14.84 Inc. VAT)
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  • Ardex P4 - Ready Mixed Rapid Drying Multi-Purpose Primer

    Ardex P4 Multi-Purpose Primer

    £16.05£56.75 (£19.26 Inc. VAT)
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  • Flowscreed Industrial Top - Self Levelling Screed with Wearing Surface

    Flowcrete Isocrete M-Bond Extra DPM – 6KG BLACK

    £77.27 (£92.72 Inc. VAT)
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  • Resbuild Texturing Additive - Slip resistance for coatings and sealers

    Resbuild DPM

    £70.20£183.60 (£84.24 Inc. VAT)
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  • Ardex R3E - Two Component Epoxy Resin Primer

    Ardex R3E Moisture Tolerant Epoxy Primer

    £103.31£365.62 (£123.97 Inc. VAT)
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  • Prime + Grip - Multi-Purpose Bond Enhancing Primer

    Tilemaster Adhesives Prime Plus Grip 5Kg (Blue)

    £28.22 (£33.86 Inc. VAT)
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  • Parex SBR Liquid - waterproofing and bonding admixture

    Parex SBR Liquid

    £32.09£1,143.73 (£38.51 Inc. VAT)
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  • Uzin PE630 - 2-Component Primer

    Uzin PE 630 Trowel Applied Primer – 16Kg

    £91.29 (£109.55 Inc. VAT)
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  • Uzin U2100 - Anti Slip Coating

    Uzin U 2100 Anti-Slip Coating – 10Kg

    £103.26 (£123.91 Inc. VAT)
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  • Ronascreed Self Smooth Primer

    Ronascreed Self Smooth Primer

    £61.05£291.38 (£73.26 Inc. VAT)
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  • Uzin PE 260 - Multi Purpose Primer for existing substrates in renovation work

    Uzin PE 260 Multi-Purpose Primer

    £47.23£89.95 (£56.68 Inc. VAT)
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  • Mapei Eco Prim Grip - Ready to use bonding promoter primer

    Mapei Eco Prim Grip

    £34.96£62.93 (£41.95 Inc. VAT)
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  • Codex FG300 Surface Primer - Dispersion primer for absorbent substrates

    Codex FG300 Surface Primer

    £27.88£50.97 (£33.46 Inc. VAT)
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  • Ardex R5E Fast Cure Epoxy Primer

    Ardex R5E Fast Cure Epoxy Primer – 6Kg

    £103.31 (£123.97 Inc. VAT)
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  • Ronafloor Epoxy Primer - Solvent free epoxy resin primer

    RonaFloor Epoxy Primer – 2.25Kg

    £81.59 (£97.91 Inc. VAT)
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  • Tarmac Acrylic Primer - Water based primer with high bond characteristics

    Tarmac-Pozament Acrylic Primer – 25Kg

    £151.73 (£182.08 Inc. VAT)
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  • Mapei Primer G - Synthetic-resin-based water-dispersion primer

    Mapei Primer G

    £21.67£92.81 (£26.00 Inc. VAT)
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  • Mapei Mapeprim SP - Two-component solvent-free primer

    Mapei Mapeprim SP – 4Kg

    £51.03 (£61.24 Inc. VAT)
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  • Uzin PE 280 - Super-Fast Primer

    Uzin PE 280 Super Fast Primer

    £71.25£158.05 (£85.50 Inc. VAT)
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  • Uzin L3 Gold System Primer - For high moisture areas

    Uzin L3 Gold System Primer

    £65.26£117.78 (£78.31 Inc. VAT)
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  • Mapei Primer SN - Two-component fillerized epoxy primer

    Mapei Primer SN 2Part – 20Kg

    £318.89 (£382.67 Inc. VAT)
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  • Codex PE 370 - Rapid drying primer for dense, smooth surfaces

    Codex PE 370 Primer- 5Kg

    £67.05 (£80.46 Inc. VAT)
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  • Uzin PE425 - Epoxy Penetrating Primer

    Uzin PE 425 Epoxy Penetrating Primer – 2 Component – 3Kg

    £179.38 (£215.26 Inc. VAT)
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  • RonaScreed 1 Day Overlay Rapid Drying Screed Additive

    RonaFloor Concrete Dustproofer – 16.5 Litre

    £120.27 (£144.32 Inc. VAT)
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  • Flowscreed Industrial Top - Self Levelling Screed with Wearing Surface

    Flowcrete Isocrete M-Bond RED 6Kg

    £77.27 (£92.72 Inc. VAT)
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  • Isocrete Isoseal - 2-component, water borne epoxy-based sealer

    Flowcrete Isocrete Isoseal 5kg

    £66.78 (£80.14 Inc. VAT)
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Screed Giant offer great service, their products are good value for money and they always deliver on time. Louise is always on hand to help when we need something - so an all-round great company! Vale Garden Houses
100% of our clients asked would recommend us!
I was very impressed with Ellie's approach to a potential sale. She checked on availability - called me back promptly and handled the order efficiently. I would most definitely call again and order more products given this level of service. NAS Corporation Ltd.
100% rated our customer service experience very positive!
The experience is always positive. The girls on the phone always go out of their way to make sure the orders are processed quickly and delivered on time. S J Whelan Ltd.
100% of all clients asked, who were phoning to place an order, rated our customer service experience very positive!
I have dealt with Georgia on several occasions and her service has been very professional and efficient - makes my job a lot easier - many thanks. Richardsons
100% of all clients wanting technical advice agreed they would call again for more technical assistance!
Extremely likely to recommend Screed Giant to a friend or colleague.

JJ McCarthy Interior Design

Very happy!

J.W.Cannon & Co Ltd.

Ellie was very professional and helpful, and helped us with a small discount.

Ecofit Energy Systems

Very helpful. Confirmation of order being dispatched. Emails were swift.

PED Technologies Ltd.

I found Georgia to be really helpful and went out of her way to get your product shipped to us as soon as possible. We will certainly use Screed Giant again. Many thanks.

Tim Sadler Associates

Ellie was very helpful and pushed through my order for next day delivery.


Very helpful and the delivery service was very quick. Thank you.

TEC Construction

Very good, even though i was only placing a small order staff couldn't have been more helpful.

R. Soper

Very easy, we put in an order also asking for delivery dates and time, always accurate and found deliveries on time.


Ellie was personable and efficient. Excellent customer service.


Very professional from initial contact through to completion. All answers were provided instantly or by return of call - no question was ignored, trivialised or forgotten. I was kept fully aware of stocks, costs, availability, deliveries and problems. Because of the nature of the works we were completing, quantities and orders were all last minute and ll on credit card payments- no problems at all to Screed Giant. Always, a very pleasurable experience. Very many thanks.

Richard Morris Constructions Ltd

Good, Ellie was very helpful and more importantly did what she said she was going to do!

DEP Construction Services Ltd

Georgia went above and beyond- I required a half pallet of poziment specialist lightweight screed; she managed to secure said half-pallet for me, saving me a few hundred quid! Her phone manner is brilliant and she made sure I was kept up-to-date with what was happening with my order. I'll definitely be recommending you to all of my builder contacts and will be using you again. Many, many thanks.

Markendale Electrical Services.

Spot on!

Graeme Harding Flooring

Very good service, quick delivery and great customer service from Georgia.

Sean- SR Plastering

Great product, easy to use, now I can tile next week. Thanks for the prompt delivery.

Mark Bailey

Georgia was very helpful. She created a quote, placed and handled our order. She even got a quick turn around on next day delivery before 12:00. I was very impressed with her excellent customer service.

Cavendish Bespoke

I called up with an enquiry about a product, really unsure as to what I needed. Georgia was incredibly helpful with finding a solution for me and liaising with your technical team. Her service could not have been better.

Union Tavern

5* - Quick response - thankyou.

S. Turner

5* - Couldn't fault the company.


Very helpful staff with good product knowledge. Problem with the courier company, order was only part delivered (not Screed Giant's fault). Screed Giant's staff dispatched missing products overnight to me. This was necessary as we had trades booked in to start work and needed materials on site. All done extremely efficiently, will certainly use again. Many thanks.

313 Projects Ltd

5* - Very competitive prices, quick and reliable service. I would highly recommend this company and will use again!

JEV Tiling

I ordered some specialist product from the website, however conscious that I was under a tight deadline I rang customer service at Screed Giant and was greeted by a very friendly, helpful lady called Georgia who was able to expedite my order which duly arrived early the next day. I would thus have no hesitation in recommending Screed Giant.


5* - Incredibly helpful I spoke with Georgia regarding my order. She was very helpful and went out of her way to meet my requirements. I would definitely use them again.

M I W Construction Ltd

Georgia kindly made a number of enquiries on my behalf RE the product I was sourcing. Georgia was knowledgeable RE products. Her verbal and written communication was extremely polite and helpful. In my opinion, her level of customer support and care was exemplary.


5* - On time, good prices like always!


5* - First class service on both orders.


5* - Good products and customer service


Very good. Always great ordering through email and phone. Prompt delivery.

Big Bean Construction

Extremely likely to recommend. I contacted Screed Giant using the chat facility on the website. Ellie responded, she was quick, informative and very helpful and then sent me a transcript of the discussion for reference. I later spoke to Ellie on the phone as I needed very quick delivery and once again she was very efficient and very helpful.

Wallace Management.

I needed my delivery fast and thanks to Georgia, who dealt with my order immediately, I received it by next day AM. Great service.


Extremely likely to recommend. Order was dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Alan Mitchell Plastering Ltd

Excellent customer service


Fast response on quote request, clear website, friendly and helpful staff. Nice to deal with a company and people that has similar ethos to us. Keep it up, and good luck for the future.

Materials arrived around 11.00am today, and whole floor completed by 14.30!! Exactly the right amount and looks brilliant!! Many, many thanks for your assistance and your patience!!


Very good and very helpful

Andy was not only super knowledgeable and helpful. He also has the rare skill of being able to communicate his knowledge to a novice in way that I could both understand and address the problem. Thanks again.


5* - Super fast service very easy to order items


5* - Fast delivery and on time, perfect

John H

5* - Great service.

Iron Hill Construction

Thanks Screed Giant. Good service and assistance through the order. Appreciated.

Richard McL

5* - "Initially I need advice on what products I needed for a Gyvlon floor which was very clearly explained to me. When I came to place the order I struggled with the order online but Ellie was able to find the order on her system and sort the payment out for me straight away, she is also keeping me updated with delivery."

Amos Contracting Ltd

5* - Helpful throughout and delivery prompt.

Individual Floor Fitting

5* - Upon making my call to Screed Giant I was greeted by Ellie, she was happy to spend some time listening to what my requirements were before making some knowledgeable suggestions and a recommendation. I was pleasantly surprised that although an additional product was discussed she used her knowledge to advise against spending more money on items that offered no benefit for my application. I don’t feel sold too and I feel well advised. Fast delivery was required to avoid disrupting contractors so Ellie herself collected my products from the warehouse and agreed to pass it to the couriers to ensure it could be posted for a next day delivery with updates via my phone. She honoured her promise to email me with the invoice and additional paperwork I requested and am pleased to say both the service and the product knowledge has been superior to other companies I have dealt with. Many thanks Screed Giant and Ellie.

WLS Investment Partnership

5* - Michaela was a consummate professional from beginning to end, helped us with a Saturday delivery, against all odds, and we have re-ordered due to helpfulness and attitude of Michaela. She is awesome!

AJK Woodflooring

Just to say I found the service and attention to detail 1st class. I spoke with one of your colleagues this morning over delivery of the order and she was both polite and helpful, it is really nice to know there are companies who provide such a 5* service. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to others!

David, Sure Orthotics Ltd