Codex NC 395 Pallet of 42 x 25Kg bags

£1,350.00 exl. VAT


  •  For thickness from 3 – 50 mm
  • Pumpable and self-smoothing
  • For gradients up to approx. 4%
  • Rapid setting and drying
  • Very low stress
  • High compressive and tensile strength
  • Waterproof and frost-resistant



Codex NC 395 gradient filler is a flowable cement floor filler for layer thicknesses of 3- 50 mm. It is ideally suited for producing gradient levelling compounds up to 4% in interior and exterior areas.

For preparation work on gradients up to 4% slope, for smoothing, levelling, ramping and improving floor surfaces in interior and exterior locations.
LEED: Meets the LEED requirements in IEQ Credit (4 .1) Low Emitting Materials (LEED v 4)

  • For the manufacturing of level, firm installation substrates for ceramic tiles and plates, natural stone coverings, etc.
  •  Commercial and industrial areas with normal wear
  •  Wet rooms (with subsequent composite seal)

Suitable on

  • Concrete
  • Calcium sulphate and cementitious screeds
  • Old tile, plates and terrazzo coverings
  • New mastic asphalt screeds (max. 5 mm thickness)
  • Old substrates with strongly bonded waterproof adhesive and compound residues
  • Underfloor heating systems

The flowable cement floor filler codex NC 395 allows gradient levelling up to 4% and is also self -smoothing for a level surface. It is therefore ideal for use indoors and outdoors as well as in wet and moist environments.

Technical Information

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