Mapei Latex Plus Admixture

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Latex Admixture Imparting Elasicity and Enhanced Adhesion to Keraquick, Planipatch and Nivorapid.

  • High performance
  • Fast setting, ready for grouting after just 2-3 hours
  • Can accept foot traffic after 2-3 hours
  • Slip resistant
  • Highly deformable
  • Excellent resistance to alkalis, oils and solvents



Mapei Latex Plus Admixture – Imparting Elasicity and Enhanced Adhesion

Mapei Latex Plus Admixture – Imparting Elasicity and Enhanced Adhesion to Keraquick and Nivorapid. Latex Plus is a water dispersion of an extremely flexible polymer with low viscosity to be mixed with Keraquick or Nivorapid in order to improve their deformability improving their application and performance characteristics.


A) Latex Plus + Keraquick Fast setting adhesive with high deformability and no vertical slip for interior and exterior installations of ceramic tiles and stone material.

B) Latex Plus + Nivorapid Fast setting levelling compound with high deformability for interior surfaces.

Mapei Latex Plus Admixture Uses

  • As an admixture for Keraquick to obtain a high performance, fast setting, slip resistant and highly deformable adhesive (class C2FT S2 according to EN12004), for ceramic tiles and stone material.
  • As an admixture for Nivorapid to obtain an ultra-fast cementitious levelling compound with improved deformability and bonding strength.


  • Keraquick or Nivorapid mixed with Latex Plus should never be applied at temperatures below +5°C or above +30°C.
  • Do not use more than the recommended amount of Latex Plus.
  • Do not add Latex Plus or water to a mix that has already begun to set.
  • Do not leave Latex Plus, Nivorapid and Keraquick exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time before using.


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