Remmers Injection Resin 100 -5Kg

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Solvent-free, epoxy  resin system, two-component.

  • Very low viscosity
  • Good adhesion
  • Extremely high strength
  • Outstanding capillary rise
  • Suitable for pressure injection work as well as pressure-less injections of all types.



Remmers Injection Resin 100 – Two-component Epoxy System

Remmers Injection Resin 100 – Two-component Epoxy System. Because of its low viscosity, good adhesional/tensile and shear strength combined with outstanding capillary rise, Injection Resin 100 is suitable for pressure injection work as well as for pressureless injections of all types.

Remmers Injection Resin 100 Uses

To be used for pressure injection of cracks in tendon coupling point areas, on concrete building elements for frictional coupling. Also for closing cracks in concrete or screed surfaces and for cementing hollow areas in bonded screeds.

Both components are packaged in special containers in the proper mixing ratio. The production of the mixture should be carried out according to the DBV Code of Practice “The use of cold-cured resins in concrete construction – part 3.2 – Using cold-cured resins on concrete”. The hardener component (B) should be completely added to the resin component (A). For smaller amounts (up to approx. 10 litres), use a mixer on a counter current principle. Drills with a max. speed of 400 rpm are suitable for this purpose. Observe the minimum mixing time of 2 minutes. The larger the amount to be mixed, the longer must be mixed. The formation of streaks indicate insufficient mixing. Lesser mixed parts on the edge and bottom of the container as well as material on mixing tools should be scraped off and added to the mixture. Afterwards, the mixed material should be filled into a separate container and mixed again. It is then ready to use.

Application of the injection material is carried out with an injection pump with a pressure gauge and adjustable pressure. Injection direction on vertical surfaces: from the bottom to the top. The next highest packer serves to de-air and as a control opening. On horizontal surfaces the work is carried out in the same manner. After the injection material has hardened, remove the packers and close the bore holes with Repair Mortar EP 2K.  The ambient temperature and that of the substrate should not fall below +8°C.


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For more than 65 years, Remmers has been a successful, medium-size, independent family owned company. Their UK based empire was established in 1989, with the Head Office and Technical Training Centre opening in 2006. They are the leader in the manufacture of synthetic products for the building industry and the wood finishing industry. Their company culture is one of active innovation, providing products to exceed all customer expectations, and are committed to the sustainability of the environment.
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