Traditional vs Calcium Sulphate screeds – which one is right for you?

Whilst traditional screeds continue to hold 80% of the market, calcium sulphate has been a big grower in recent years. This growth comes despite a lack of understanding from some quarters about its benefits and, in some cases, limitations. What does this mean for your own on-site use? Continue reading “Traditional vs Calcium Sulphate screeds – which one is right for you?”

Why should I soundproof my home?

For many people, noise is generally accepted as an everyday inconvenience, but by affecting people’s daily routine, health and quality of life, it is vitally important to protect our acoustic comfort. Not only is noise often unwanted and disturbing, it can also affect our health and overall well-being affecting many aspects of our lives, from communication to sleep and concentration. According to the World Health Organisation, there are at least seven adverse health effects as a result of noise pollution, some of which can be severe.  Continue reading “Why should I soundproof my home?”

Insulation – an energy efficient way to keep your home cool this summer.


Insulation is often thought of as a large blanket that helps keep your home warm in winter. Despite this being true, many people are unaware of the benefits that insulation can bring to your home all year round. With Britain experiencing the longest heatwave in five years, and May and June’s temperatures reaching the highest on record, insulation could be your solution for avoiding a sweaty and uncomfortable home this summer, or for summers to come! 

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Traditional radiators vs under floor heating

For the past eight decades, radiators have been the standard heating system for homes throughout the UK but with their ugly, outdated, and often inefficient presence underfloor heating is on the rise, regularly seen in new builds and renovations throughout the country. But is underfloor heating, really worth the extra cost and hassle?

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Spotlight on… CMS Danskin and Thermal Economics


“In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others.” – Deuteronomy Rabbah

This year, we are working on building a ‘technical hub’ for our website where we can share our technical knowledge with you. We are incredibly lucky to have some serious technical whizz’s on our team, as well as lots of lovely contacts in the industry, who are all too happy to lend us a technical hand when we need a little extra help on specific products or areas beyond our own range of knowledge. It has always been our aim to impart this knowledge to our customers, website visitors and newsletter subscribers, and we are now in a position to be able to start putting this into practice. Regular customers of ours will know that we have always been there to help with technical queries over the phone, but it’s great to finally be able to get some things down in writing, which can be shared with a wider audience.

This month, I have been writing an article all about acoustics and sound control in buildings – now, as much as I have picked up some basic knowledge of this area in my time here, I couldn’t, in all honesty, say that I have the technical knowledge to confidently pass on, so luckily I had some help from two experts in the field, Thomas Snaylam, Area Sales Executive for CMS Danskin and Graham Lyon, Technical Manager at Thermal Economics.

As a thank you for their time, I felt it was only right to give a shout out to these companies, and give a little bit more information about them for this month’s blog post.

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Spotlight on… Screeding in cold weather

If you are a subscriber to our newsletter, you will be well aware that we covered this issue in this month’s edition, but it is such a relevant topic right now, I thought I should share it here too for the whole world to see! Before I go any further, I should really point out that if you aren’t already signed up to the newsletter, you are missing out  – it’s full of great educational content, special offers and written by yours truly! I don’t think you need any more reason to sign up than that – go on, you know you want to…you can sign up at the bottom of this page 😉

Back to the matter in hand, in typical January fashion, the weather is pretty rubbish right now, and set to get worse. As you are almost certainly aware, these cold conditions can wreak havoc on site. But fear not, as I (with a little help from director Andy) have put together a little piece on our top tips for avoiding mishaps. Hope you enjoy…

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Spotlight on… Andy Vincent

Hello and welcome…

…to our new blog ‘Spotlight On…’ – each month we will be putting the spotlight on a new subject that we think you might want to know a little bit more about, whether that be products, industry news and events, staff members, company news – or, in fact, any thing else that we think of! We thought we would start by properly introducing you to our director, Andy.

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Screed Giant’s Big Hike – We Did It!!

Our trek up Wales’ highest mountain has raised nearly £1000 for Macmillan so far!

The Screed Giant team at the Summit of Mt Snowdon

We may not be the fittest or fastest team around, but we are determined! I knew we were, but hadn’t realised just how determined until we took on our latest challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support.

A sprained ankle, several swollen knees, severe earache (not just from our nagging ;p ), bumps, bruises, aching muscles and ruined joints were just some of the injuries we sustained in our full day expedition up Snowdon last Sunday (8th October). Continue reading “Screed Giant’s Big Hike – We Did It!!”