Hardwood Floors – Staining and Sealing DIY Style

Hardwood Floors refinishing

Hardwood floors are gorgeous but after having them for a few years, they may start to need a little makeover. It’s always a good idea to know how to re-stain and seal your hardwood floors. That way either you can do it yourself when the time comes or make sure that the professionals you’ve hired are doing it correctly and not being lazy with it.

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Electric Underfloor Heating: Installation and Tiling Over

Image of Kitchen with Electric Underfloor Heating and tiled floor

We get it, it’s a complicated process, but with electric underfloor heating the finished product is really worth it. Although we may not be able to answer all of your questions in a brief article, here are a few tips on how to install your electric underfloor heating and tile over it. If it is done incorrectly, you run the risk of cracking from heat expansion and wire damage from trowels, so here’s how you can make sure it’s done properly.

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Over £5150 raised at Charity Event


On August 10th, a charity football tournament and fun day were held in memory of two beloved members of the Crewe community. To honour the valiant battle of Millie Bancroft and Gareth Jones against cancer, the event held at The White Lion, Warmingham Lane in Crewe, raised an amazing £5150.31. This amount continues to increase as those who participated in the fundraising sponsorship to shave their heads continue to turn in their sponsorship money. 

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Integral Colouring vs. Colour Hardener

Integral Colouring yellow and blue example

Integral Colouring vs. Colour Hardener…Ready to put down concrete but don’t know which way to go? Don’t fret! We outline all the pros and cons here of each technique so you can decide the best way to go for your project. Integral colouring is the process of pre-mixing integral pigments into the concrete so that the entire concrete mixture is the desired colour. Colour hardening is the process of applying a mixture of sand, cement, pigment, and slab conditioning agents about 1/8 inch thick on top of recently poured plain grey concrete. 

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How the Screed Market is Changing

Flowing Screed

The UK screed market has not had many changes, traditionally being sand / cement-based screeds. But in recent years, new developments have been made in screed materials and there have been inventions to try to bridge some of the problems associated with traditional materials. Traditional screed design has the advantage of being “simple” due to its readily available and understood constituents. The issues arise in the many factors that affect the quality of the flooring when finished.

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