Charity Support

Charity Support


At Screed Giant we are dedicated to exercising Corporate Social Responsibility, which we believe should involve actively engaging in doing what we can to make a positive difference to the wider community, beyond the interests of our company.

As our company grows, we want to share our successes in a way which will truly make a positive impact within our community.
It is because of this belief that Screed Giant are proud supporters of Macmillan Cancer Support.

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Why we support Macmillan


We have chosen to support Macmillan as we feel that the charity does amazing work supporting people affected by cancer and their families and friends. We will all be affected by cancer in one way or another throughout our lives, and many will have experienced the amazing support of Macmillan, whether that be through the fantastic work of their nurses, support groups, bereavement counselling, financial help or any of the other amazing ways in which Macmillan support those affected by cancer.

We feel it is important to support the work of those trying to make life that bit easier for those who are going through the terrible ordeal of living with cancer. Without such support, it wouldn’t be possible for the charity to carry out the brilliant work they do.



How do we support Macmillan?




We have pledged to donate £1 to Macmillan for every single order we receive:

“For every sale in 2015  £1.00 plus VAT will be paid to Macmillan Cancer Support* a registered charity in England & Wales (261017), in Scotland (SC039907) and in the Isle of Man (604)

*Paid to Macmillan Cancer Support Trading Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of Macmillan Cancer Support to which it gives all of its taxable profits.”




But best of all is our fundraising! We know that the best way to make lots of money for Macmillan is to get involved in some serious fundraising activities. But we don’t just want to partake in an event – we want to MAKE an event, which is why we have put our heads together to come up with a massive challenge for our staff.

Screed Giant’s Giant Cycle Ride

Our first BIG fundraising event is going to be Screed Giant’s Giant Cycle ride! As our name suggests, we don’t do small, so we have set ourselves a HUGE fundraising target of £10,000 for this event. We need loads of support from our customers for this, so please  read all about it here and check out our Just Giving page to sponsor us.