12mm Fibres for Concrete 10 x 0.9Kg Sachets Single Box

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  • Time saving
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Rust proof and alkali proof
  • Non magnetic
  • Pumping aid
  • Length: 12mm
  • 12 x 0.9Kg bags

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FCS Vertex 12mm Fibres for Concrete

FCS Vertex 12mm Fibres for Concrete provide a wide range of benefits to concrete. In the early life of the concrete, Vertex fibres with significantly reduce plastic settlement and plastic shrinkage cracking. As the concrete sets and hardens the inclusion of Vertex fibres contributes to increasing the impact and abrasion resistance of the concrete.

In situations where concrete may be exposed to fire, then the inclusion of Vertex will assist in reducing the occurrence of explosive spalling.

Other benefits include reducing the permeability of the concrete, reducing settlement and bleeding, reducing freeze/ thaw damage and improving overall durability.

Typically, one degradable bag is added per cubic metre of concrete which will allow full and even dispersal of the fibres after 5 minutes of mixing at proper mixing speed in a truck or batch plant. For wet-batch efficient drum or pan mixers, the bag may be added to the aggregate conveying system at any time once sand and aggregate have commenced moving into the mixer and should take no longer than the time stipulated to thoroughly mix all constituent parts.

Length: 12 mm
Nominal Diameter: 0.032 mm
Shape: Monofilament
Bag Weight: 0.9kg
Melting Point: Approximately 165 C
Electrical Conductivity: Low
Alkali Resistance: Alkali Proof

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