18mm Screeding Fibres x 22 Boxes

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Per Unit


  • 10 x 0.9kg soluble bags per box
  • 18mm in length
  • Complies with EN14889 pt 2 Class Ib Fibres for Concrete
  • Provides early age crack control


FCS Vertex Screed 18mm Screeding Fibres are a fine fibrillated micro polypropylene fibre specifically developed for efficient mixing into semi-dry sand/cement mixes and fine aggregate concrete, providing a wide range of benefits. FCS Vertex Screed 18mm Screeding Fibres will provide early age crack control and toughness to the hardened 6mm Screeding Fibres are simple, It mixes easily in semi-dry and sand/cement mixes and even dry bagged materials! In wet mixes, the degradable bag may be added to the mix but for dry mixes it is recommended to empty the fibres into the mixer. Once the fibres are added, 5 minutes of mixing will ensure full and even distribution of the fibres throughout the mix. Placing and finishing can be achieved using standard good practice. For specific information and instructions, please refer to the Mixing and Finishing instructions provided by Fibre Concrete Solutions.

Vertex® FF18 is CE marked and complies with EN14889 pt 2 Class Ib Fibres for Concrete

Length: 18 mm
Nominal Diameter: 0.050 to 0.10 mm
Class: 1b
Bag Weight: 0.9kg
Melting Point: Approximately 165 C
Electrical Conductivity: Low
Alkali Resistance: Alkali Proof


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