Adomast Ado Safe Clean

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  • Interior and Exterior Uses
  • Highly Efficient at Penetrating & Loosening Concrete
  • Readily Removes Cement & Tar Deposits
  • Effective at Removing Efflorescence, Rust and Limescale
  • Non-Corrosive on Metals & Coatings
  • Powerful Cleaner & Degreaser with No surface Damage
  • Suitable for use on Stone, Tiles and other Porous Substrates


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Adomast Ado Safe Clean

Adomast Ado Safe Clean is a new product developed to replace traditional highly corrosive, strong mineral acids to facilitate the safe and non-hazardous cleaning and removal of dry hardened concrete, efflorescence and tar deposits from most surfaces without damaging or corroding the surface

Coverage: Approximately 5-8 m2 litre – these are for guidance only

Use Adomast Ado Safe Clean as supplied and do NOT dilute.

Recommend testing Adomast Ado Safe Clean on a small hidden portion of the substrate before applying

Shake the product well before use; Apply liberally to the area for treatment.

Allow to react for 5-30 minutes (the time required depends on the thickness of the deposits being removed).

Rinse the entire substrate with a high pressure washer once the material deposits have softened. Otherwise brush off using a thick bristle broom and then rinse with water from a hosepipe whist brushing at the same time.

Do NOT allow the product to dry prior to rinsing.
Application Tools: Apply with a low pressure hand spray unit, a roller or a brush.
Cleaning Application Equipment: Tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use

For best results it is essential that ADOSAFE CLEAN is used when the temperature of the substrate is between 5 and 30°C.
Do NOT apply in the rain or in very hot weather
Do NOT dilute or mix with another product noticeably bleach

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