Adomast Adopatch Kerb Repair

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Per Unit


  • Slump free and Easy to use
  • Ideal for the rapid repairs to damaged kerb stones, cracks & holes in flooring, stairs & steps
  • Working Time 10-15minutes. Setting time 30 minutes
  • Ready for overcoating within 90 mins @ 2mm
  • Suitable for vertical applications. High Build 20-50mm


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Adomast Adopatch Kerb Repair A pre packed, single component, shrinkage compensated, cementitious kerb mortar suitable for rapid repair, making good and speedy return to service.

Adopatch Kerb Repair is manufactured with the inclusion of a polymer to promote adhesion and water resistance, and a water reducing agent to facilitate a low water cement ratio.
Adomast Adopatch Kerb Repair  is easy to use, fast setting—30mins at 20°c, with high early strength development which facilitates rapid return to service.

Adopatch Kerb Repair Mortar is suitable for repairing damaged kerb stones, cracks, gaps and holes in flooring and walls.
Adopatch Kerb Repair is a high build repair mortar that can be applied from 2-50mm

Typical data
Mix Ratio (water/powder): 1: 4.6-4.8 by weight (approx. 17-19% water)
Walk on Setting Time 20-30 minutes @20°>C Working Time :10-15minutes (@20°C)
Compressive Strength (MPa) after 28 days > 35N/mm²
Flex Strength after 28 days >4MPa
Fresh Wet Density 2.05 +/-0.10 g/cm3
Application thickness 2mm –20mm unfilled and 20-50mm when blended with equal weight of a graded aggregate




Technical Information