Adomast Safecure Standard

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Adomast Safecure Standard

• Reduces surface shrinkage and cracking by controlling moisture loss from exposed surfaces.
• Increases water resistance.
• Enables cement to hydrate more efficiently.
• Prevents dusting
• Eliminates need for damp hessian, sand or polythene
• NO VOC’s

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Adomast Safecure Standard 75% applied to the surface of freshly laid concrete, SAFECURE STANDARD physically ’locks’ in moisture ollowing full hydration of the cement, thus ollowing the concrete to fully cure. This can be achieved by covering the surface of the concrete with a very thin temporary membrane that prevents moisture in the concrete from leaving the surface. Benefits – reduces surface shrinkage and cracking, more durable hard wearing surface and prevention of dusting. SAFECURE STANDARD is also available in a fugitive dye tinted form to assist visual indication during application

Adomast Safecure Standard 75% is spray applied to the surface of newly placed concrete. The concrete should be free from surface water and the nozzle of the spray should be held approx. 400-450 mm from the concrete surface and passed back and forth to ensure complete coverage. The pump pressure should be maintained at a level producing a fine spray.
Touch Dry Time: 1 to 4 hours dependent upon temperature and wind


Apply the selected grade by spray at a rate of approximately 4-6 m2 per litre, taking care to ensure complete coverage. Immediately after use the spraying equipment should be thoroughly washed out with clean water.

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