Flowcrete Oil Block Primer 4L

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  • Suitable for concrete, brick and masonry, and it will also work on timber surfaces
  • Not suitable for use on non-porous, previously painted surfaces or metal surfaces
  • Not usually suitable for vegetable, animal or synthetic oil residues. It will tolerate slight dampness in the substrate
  • Approx 15m2 – 20m2 per 4L

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Flowcrete Oil Block Primer is a two part epoxy primer specially developed to aid adhesion to porous floor surfaces that cannot be thoroughly cleaned.

Recommended areas of use

  • Machine workshop floors
  • Factory floors
  • Warehouse floors
  • Garage floors

Surface preparation

Remove as much oil as possible by scraping or grinding. Clean the surface with a degreasant. It is important to rinse all traces of the cleaner away and allow the surface to dry. If using a solvent based cleaner, follow the supplier’s Instructions but, again, all traces should be removed.

The floor surface should preferably be dry, but slight traces of residual dampness can be tolerated. If preparing timber, use a suitable cleaner recommended for the purpose and follow the supplier’s Instructions.


Open the inner tins carefully and pour all of the contents of both the resin and curing agent tins into the clean, empty outer tin. Mix thoroughly with a wide bladed stirrer. Scrape the bottom and sides thoroughly to ensure no unmixed material remains. Decant the mixed product into another vessel (or a paint tray, if applying by roller) and apply to the prepared surface.


Do not apply at temperatures below 10°C. Apply one good coat of Flowcrete Oil Block Primer to the prepared surface and allow it to dry.

Application by brush is preferable, because it allows the primer to be worked into the surface, but if applying by roller, use a medium pile roller, working it backwards and forwards to encourage penetration into the surface.



Flowcrete / Isocrete

Flowcrete has been at the forefront of resin flooring technology for over 30 years. Isocrete has been one of the most respected brands in floor screeding materials since the 1960s and was acquired by the Flowcrete Group in the 1990s. Today the group is one of the most respected flooring materials suppliers worldwide, with a huge range of screeds and coatings.
Isocrete Primer - acrylic emulsion

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