Isocrete PP Fibres

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Benefits Benefits

• Inhibits plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking
• Eliminates shrinkage control wire reinforcement
• Cost effective compared with wire reinforcement
• Specially pre-bagged to ensure correct dosing
• Improved abrasion, frost and impact resistance (good
drop hammer results)
• Over 300 million fibres per m3 of screed
• Controlled dispersion throughout the mix
• Reduced permeability and water absorption
• Reduced segregation and bleeding
• Improves surface finishing
• Alkali resistant and will not corrode


High performance crimped monofilament 6 mm long polypropylene fibres.


To improve the durability of cementitious screeds and toppings by inhibiting the formation of small cracks, which occur because of plastic shrinkage and settlement due to premature drying.
Durability is further enhanced due to increased residual strength, resulting in improved abrasion, impact and spalling resistance.
Even distribution throughout the mix is due to fibres being coated with a special dispersing agent. Improves fibre bond and eliminates the requirement for shrinkage control wire mesh reinforcement. Isocrete PP Fibres are intended for use in the Isocrete products K-Screed, Fast-K, Screedfast, Isogran, Isopol SBR and other polymer modified and conventional cementitious
screeds and toppings. Please note that Isocrete PP Fibres cannot be used as a replacement for structural steel reinforcement.


Normal good curing practices for conventional screeds or toppings must be strictly followed. It is recommended to cover the surface with polythene sheeting and lap all joints as soon as practicable following finishing works. Leave in position for at least 7 days. For Isocrete proprietary screeds, cure as recommended in the relevant product data sheet.

Appearance; Fine fibre
Base Material; Polypropylene
Fibre Length; 6 mm
Fibre Thickness; 18 microns
Specific Gravity; 0.91
Elongation at Yield; 40%
Tensile Strength; 350 mPa.s (average)
Absorption; Nil
Alkali Resistance; 100%

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15Kg – 75g Packs, 15Kg – 150g Packs


Flowcrete / Isocrete

Flowcrete has been at the forefront of resin flooring technology for over 30 years. Isocrete has been one of the most respected brands in floor screeding materials since the 1960s and was acquired by the Flowcrete Group in the 1990s. Today the group is one of the most respected flooring materials suppliers worldwide, with a huge range of screeds and coatings.
Isocrete Primer - acrylic emulsion

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