ISORubber Contract – 3mm Sound Insulation System

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3mm x 1 x 20m Roll – Suitable on top of Screed and Under Finished Floor

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Isorubber – Impact sound isolator or cushioning underlay

Isorubber Contract – Dense, rubber and cork composite, impact sound isolator or cushioning underlay.

Colour: Black and beige

Surface: Fine granule texturing


Acoustic insulating overlay suitable for ceramic, stone, hardwood, laminates and vinyl floor finishes.

Impact Sound Reduction: LW = 18dB for 3mm thickness

Thermal Resistance: 0.06m²·K/W for 3mm thickness


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Thermal Economics

Thermal Economics have been providing Thermal and Acoustic insulation materials and systems for over 30 years. Their products are designed to provide cost effective solutions that meet or exceed building regulation requirements. The Isorubber range, in particular, has become one of the best known acoustic materials on the UK market.

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