Mapei Eco Prim T Plus

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Solvent Free Acrylic Primer in Water Dispersion with Very Low Emission of Volatile Organic Compounds [VOC].

  • Ready to use
  • Solvent free
  • Non-flammable
  • Excellent resistance to heat and moisture
  • Drying time of just 2-3 hours

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Mapei Eco Prim T Plus – Solvent free acrylic primer

Mapei Eco Prim T Plus – Solvent free acrylic primer in water dispersion with very low emission of volatile organic compounds. Resin-based primer in water dispersion. It has excellent bonding, flexibility, water and ageing resistant characteristics. Eco Prim T is an easily applied, ready to use white coloured liquid.

It is applied by brush or roller. Eco Prim T is not flammable and shows a very low emission of volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1 Plus), so it is absolutely harmless to the health of the installer and the end-user. It can be stored with no particular precautions.

  • Apply Eco Prim T only on internal flooring.
  • Use Primer EP or Mapeprim SP on magnesium substrates.
  • Apply Eco Prim T only on moisture-stable wood.
  • Do not apply Eco Prim T on substrates subject to rising damp.

Use of Mapei Eco Prim T – Solvent free acrylic primer

All-purpose primer for interiors to improve adhesion of levelling compounds on all absorbent and nonabsorbent surfaces.

Preparing the substrate
Substrates must be uniformly dry, sound, free of dust, loose particles, cracks, paint, wax, oil, rust, traces of gypsum or other products that can interfere with bonding.
The regulations of each country must be strictly followed.
It is essential to make sure there is no rising damp present.
Unbonded screeds laid onto light-weight concrete or thermal-acoustic insulating layer and screeds over bare ground must be provided with a vapour barrier to prevent rising damp.

Applying Mapei Eco Prim T – Solvent free acrylic primer
Eco Prim T can be applied with a brush or roller. It is usually diluted 1 to 2 with water when applying on cementitious or anhydrite
surfaces. It is used undiluted on existing ceramic tile, natural stone, wood and adhesive residues (as long as they are water resistant).

When the adhesive is completely dry it is possible to apply a smoothing compound or mortar. Drying time varies with the absorbency of the substrate and environmental conditions (temperature and humidity) approximately between 2 and 5 hours.

However, it is recommended not to wait more than 24 hours. If the product is used as a bonding aid for cementitious smoothing compounds
on substrates treated with an epoxy or polyurethane primer (such as Primer MF, Primer MF EC Plus, Eco Prim PU 1K or Eco Prim PU1K Turbo) and the surface has not been sprinkled with sand, Eco Prim T must be applied neat at least 24 hours and no more than 7 days after applying one of the above primers.


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Since its beginnings in 1937 Mapei has grown so that it can now claim to be the worlds largest producer of adhesives and chemicals for the construction industry. The company has always believed in investing strongly in R&D and product development, and it is perhaps this more than anything that has led to their success. Mapei has been in the UK since 1989 with a manufacturing plant now producing over 100,000 tonnes across a vast product range.

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