Mapei Planicrete

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Synthetic-Rubber Latex for Cement Mixes.

  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • High strength cement mix
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • High compressive and flexural strengths

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Mapei Planicrete – Synthetic-rubber latex

Mapei Planicrete – Synthetic-rubber latex to improve the adhesion of cement mixes. Planicrete is a highly stable water dispersion of a special synthetic elastomer resistant to alkaline saponification, characterised by its low glass transition temperature. This special SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) based elastomer also has a special property which makes it stable after ageing. The polymer chains forming this elastomer are characterised by a tight weave of chemical binders which connect them together. This important characteristic enables the polymer chains to take up a parallel conformation when they are deformed, thus giving the elastomer a high level of elasticity. Planicrete is supplied in the form of a highly fluid, white coloured latex which, when added to cement and aggregate mixes, improves their adhesion, plasticity, thixotropy, water retention and overall workability.

After setting and hardening, cementitious mixes with added Planicrete have the following properties:
• better adhesion to substrates;
• higher compressive and flexural strengths;
• higher resistance to abrasion;
• higher impermeability;
• better resistance to freeze-thaw cycles;
• better resistance to diluted acids, saline solutions and oils

Mapei Planicrete – Synthetic-rubber latex Uses

Mapei Planicrete can be used as an admixture to improve the mechanical and adhesive characteristics of cement-based screeds, renders and thin smoothing layers. It can also be used as an admixture for highly adhesive cement bonding slurries.

Some application examples include:
• High strength cement screeds for interior and exterior use.
• Cementitious bonding slurry for installing natural stone using the Mapestone system.
• High strength cement renders for interiors and exteriors.
• Cementitious bonding slurry to improve adhesion of conventional bonded screeds and screeds made from Mapecem Pronto or Topcem Pronto.
• Bonding slurry made from Mapecem or Topcem to improve adhesion of bonded screeds made from the same types of binder.
• Adhesive shotcretes for bonding renders.
• Cement mortars for filling holes, reconstructing damaged areas and finishing surfaces on buildings and precast concrete elements.
• Cementitious mortar for finishing off surfaces subjected to high levels of abrasion (industrial floors, ramps, channels) and for integrating small areas of worn floors.


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Since its beginnings in 1937 Mapei has grown so that it can now claim to be the worlds largest producer of adhesives and chemicals for the construction industry. The company has always believed in investing strongly in R&D and product development, and it is perhaps this more than anything that has led to their success. Mapei has been in the UK since 1989 with a manufacturing plant now producing over 100,000 tonnes across a vast product range.

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