NX 3-50mm Leveller 20Kg

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Self Smoothing Cement-Based Fibre Reinforced 3-50mm Floor Leveller

  • Flexible
  • Foot traffic in 4 hours
  • Just add water
  • Suitable for use over underfloor heating
  • Fibre Reinforced
  • Suitable for use interior and exterior

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NX 3-50mm Leveller 20Kg

Norcros NX 3-50mm Leveller is suitable for levelling over:

Concrete/Power Floated Concrete

Cement: Sand Screed

Calcium Sulphate Screed

Heated Floors

Existing Vinyl Tiles/Flooring Grade Asphalt

Existing Glazed Tiles

Overlaid Timber Floors


NX 3-50mm Leveller Surface Preparation

To use Norcros NX 3-50mm all surfaces should be dry, clean and strong enough to support the tiles to be fixed. All traces of dirt, dust laitance and other contaminants must be mechanically removed. Substrates should be true and flat to allow tiles to be fixed without visible lipping of tile edges. On floors, variations in surface level of the substrate which exceed 3mm under a 2 metre straight edge, should be levelled using Norcros NX 3-50mm Leveller 20kg. Porous or dusty surfaces must be sealed using NX Multi Purpose Primer diluted 1: 4 with water.

NX 3-50mm Leveller Setting Out

To gauge the floor to be levelled use a 2 metre straightedge and rotate through 360° noting where any gaps are present between the base and straightedge. Any gaps greater than 3mm should be chalk marked. In the case of more serious deviations in levels, countersunk screws should be drilled and plugged into the floor at 500mm centres. The screws should then be lined up and adjusted to the correct height by placing the straight-edge and a spirit level across them to achieve plumb markers up to which the compound can be screeded.


Into a clean pail add 4 to 4.4 litres of clean water and slowly add the 20kg of 3-50mm Floor Leveller Mix with a rotary drill paddle to form a creamy lump-free consistency. Any aggregate should be introduced after the initial mixing stage.


Pour the compound onto the floor and trowel out to the desired depth. The product is self smoothing. Ceramic & porcelain tiles can be laid as soon as the product supports weight, i.e. after approximately 4 hours. It should be noted that the pot life and set times of the product will be extended in cold conditions and reduced at high temperatures.

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Half Pallet of 27 x 20Kg Bag, Pallet of 50 x 20Kg Bags



New to the market, NX is a fast-growing comprehensive range of tile adhesives, grouts and floor levelling products – everything you need for the home. NX products are simple and easy to use, with DIYers in mind. All NX products benefit from easy-to-understand packaging and straightforward step by step usage instructions.

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