Refina PLAZIFLEX Foam Backed 1mm Flexiback Plastering Skimming Trowels

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  • Innovative flexible plastic blade design with foam back
  • Lightweight
  • Provides excellent finish on Multi-Finish Plaster
  • Reduces overall plastering fatigue
  • Interchangeable using the REFINA 8″ Premium Mini Trowel
  • Manufactured in the UK

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Refina Plaziflex Plastering Trowel

Refina Plaziflex Plastering Trowel are plastic bladed trowels that allow for easier and faster polishing of typical gypsum based plaster to provide a superior overall finish to the surface. The blade features a 1mm ‘flexiback’ design that provides flexibility across the blade width but with rigidity along the length, resulting in an incredibly lightweight trowel that is easier on the arm and joints. Thanks to the plastic blade design,  Plaziflex provides less drag than stainless steel trowels meaning you can work with the plaster earlier and finish sets sooner with less water. Additionally, Plaziflex is perfect for more intricate work such as tight curves and swooping surfaces. The interchangeable blade design uses a REFINA 8” Premium Midget Trowel and allows you to effortlessly swap to different size blades or replace a damaged blade with ease.

Care and Maintenance:

In order to provide optimal performance, the PLAZIFLEX range has been developed using specialised flexible plastics, however, the durability of these plastics means that they require some care in order to prolong use. If one of the edges becomes damaged during use, it can often be rectified by rubbing along the edge with a wet and dry sandpaper block.

The midget trowel shoe fittings are designed to have a snug fit in order to give good tactile feedback when in use. To avoid difficulty in inserting the handle, it is recommended that the handle is removed and the shoe fitting cleaned after each use. To ease fitting the handle apply a water or silicone-based lubricant

When not in use, keep the provided edge protectors in place on the trowel. High temperature environments such as radiators, window sills or car dashboards can cause warping. Moderate warping can often be rectified by flexing the trowel along its length (i.e. toe towards heel), in both directions


  • 12″ (300x140x1.0mm)
  • 14″ (350x140x1.0mm)
  • 16″ (400x140x1.0mm)
  • 18″ (450x140x1.0mm)
  • 20″ (500x140x1.0mm)
  • 24″ (600x140x1.0mm)

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12" (300x140x1.0mm), 14" (350x140x1.0mm), 16" (400x140x1.0mm), 18" (450x140x1.0mm), 20" (500x140x1.0mm), 24" (600x140x1.0mm)



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