Ronacrete Ronabond Concrete Cover Elastic 19Kg

£116.00 exl. VAT

Per Unit


  • protective coating for concrete
  • elastic – covers fine cracks
  • 2mm application increases Equivalent Concrete Cover by 150mm
  • waterproof
  • easy to apply

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Ronacrete Concrete Cover Elastic is a coating designed to improve equivalent concrete cover to reinforcement. A 2mm layer provides 150mm equivalent concrete cover providing corrosion protection to steel reinforcement, thus extending the life of the concrete. RonaBond Concrete Cover Elastic is supplied as a pre-packed material comprising liquid and powder. It is mixed to form a slurry which is applied by brush or roller at a thickness of approximately 1-2mm per coat on a vertical surface. The cured coating can be left as the finished surface or overcoated with a pigmented anti-carbonation coating such as RonaBond Crack Bridging AntiCarbonation Coating WB or RonaBond Anti-Carbonation Coating WB.

Coating to increase equivalent concrete cover by 150mm @ 2mm thickness

Please note that Ronacrete Concrete Cover Elastic is for corrosion protection and will not improve the fire rating of concrete with insufficient cover.


RonaBond Concrete Cover Elastic is supplied as a two component material in 19kg packs. One pack of material is sufficient to apply one coat over an area of approximately 10.68m2 at a thickness of 1mm, or 5.34m2 at a thickness of 2mm.


The substrate on which RonaBond Concrete Cover Elastic is being placed must be structurally sound and stable. Surfaces should ideally be prepared by water/ grit blasting or similar means to remove previous coatings and any grease, oil, dirt and deleterious material. Damp the surface with clean water and remove excess


Mix RonaBond Concrete Cover Elastic with a slow speed (≤ 450 RPM) drill and MR 2 or 3 helical paddle. Dry mix the powder to ensure the fine and coarse particles are thoroughly blended.
Add all of the supplied liquid to a mixing vessel and gradually add the powder component; continue mixing until the components are fully blended; reducing the gauging liquid content will reduce the effectiveness of the coating. RonaBond Concrete Cover Elastic is supplied pre-packed and no on site additions are required.


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