Ronacrete Concrete- 25Kg

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Rapid strength gain low temperature fine concrete floor screed.

  • Ready for foot and light vehicle traffic after just 6 hours
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Can receive floor coverings after 2-3 days
  • Can be applied at minimum temperatures of 0C

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 Ronascreed Mortar & Concrete – Rapid strength gain, low temperature

Ronascreed Mortar and Concrete – Rapid strength gain, low temperature mortar for laying floor screeds, repairing floor surfaces and rapid set bedding applications for bricks, blocks, kerbs and compatible building components.

RonaScreed Concrete is a rapid strength gain fine concrete for laying floor toppings, repairing floor surfaces and rapid set concrete applications. RonaScreed Mortar and Concrete are used where speed of strength gain and/or rapid reduction of residual moisture and humidity are of importance. Floors laid or repaired with RonaScreed Mortar can be fully trafficked as early as 12 hours after mixing; RonaScreed Concrete can be trafficked after 6 hours.

The speed of RonaScreed Mortar & Concrete make them ideal for floor renewal or renovation in factories, offices, shops, warehouses, on ramps, in distribution depots and in domestic premises where floors must be reinstated with minimum disruption and delay.

As well as offering rapid strength gain they are strong and durable and capable of achieving 28 day strengths within hours. Their formulation also allows them to be applied at minimum temperatures of 0°C facilitating external work during cold weather and in freezer rooms and cold stores. For sub-zero repairs refer to RonaFloor Repair 1 Hour range.

Rapid strength gain, low temperature


The substrate on which RonaScreed Mortar & Concrete are being placed must be structurally sound and stable and suitable to receive a high strength topping.
Surfaces should ideally be scabbled or mechanically abraded to expose the aggregate and provide a mechanical key. Remove traces of oil, grease and any other chemical contamination which may impair adhesion. Vacuum clean surfaces to remove debris and deleterious material. The substrate must be sufficiently strong and sound to receive a high strength topping. Any defect or weakness in this substrate may result in failure of the topping placed in contact with it. The recommendations given in BS8204 Part 3 should be followed to assess the suitability of the substrate and maximise the performance of the topping. The minimum thickness at which RonaScreed Mortar can be placed is 6mm; the minimum at which RonaScreed Concrete can be placed is 25mm. Above 50mm (Mortar) or 100mm (Concrete) it may be necessary to place the material in more than one layer, wet on wet to ensure satisfactory compaction.


The prepared surface must be thoroughly dampened with clean water. Very porous surfaces may require soaking for up to 24 hours. All surplus and standing water must be removed before the primer is applied.


Ronacrete Rapid Primer must be applied to the damp surface immediately before applying RonaScreed Mortar or Concrete. Mix the primer thoroughly and apply evenly over the surface ensuring total and uniform coverage taking care to avoid ponding. Only prime an area of floor which can be covered by the topping within the working time of the primer Note that the primer must be not allowed to dry. If it dries it must be thoroughly cross hatch scratched and reapplied.


Rona Screed Mortar and Concrete are best machine mixed in a forced action mixer (e.g. Creteangle pan mixer). Do not use a free fall mixer. Mix the dry components and when evenly dispersed add the minimum amount of liquid necessary to provide sufficient workability for compaction and surface finish.


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25Kg Bag, Pallet of 40 x 25Kg



The Ronacrete group manufacture a comprehensive range of specialist materials for installation by expert contractors. For over 40 years, Ronacrete has been at the leading edge of product development and performance and across their six ranges, the company offer specialist solutions for a huge range of applications, from waterproofing and tanking to resin surfacing and specialist screed solutions.

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