RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing Graphite 113.75Kg

£82.00 exl. VAT

Per Unit



Included in pack

  • 7.5kg RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing resin
  • 100kg aggregate
  • 6.25kg sand

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RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing Graphite is a resin bound aggregate surface for pedestrian and light vehicular traffic. RonaDeck Resin Bound surfaces are decorative and functional, seamless and slightly flexible. Furthermore, the open matrix allows water to drain through to the base. As a result water ponding is eliminated, allowing water to drain to natural water courses, land drains or planted areas. The surfacing may be applied to SuDS compliant bases and sub-bases, reducing the impact of new development on flood risk, or to impermeable bases laid to adequate falls. Edgings created from brick, stone, timber or steel should be installed to retain and protect the resin bound surfacing.

RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing is a two component polyurethane resin which binds a range of selected decorative kiln-dried aggregates. RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing provides an attractive porous surface which is strong enough for foot and light vehicle traffic

RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing Graphite is designed for foot traffic and occasional vehicle traffic such as on domestic driveways, residential developments with light domestic traffic or car parking bays. It is however, not a road surface for heavy volumes of domestic or commercial traffic. Heavier vehicle traffic, including heavy impact and high point loading will damage the surface and may result in failure. Due to the destructive scuffing forces created by power steering (e.g. three point turns) in car parks or on driveways where cars will repeatedly turn within a confined area, localised wear is more likely. It is therefore recommended that when the product is used in such locations, the surface is regularly inspected by the client or installer and maintained as required.



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