RonaFloor Epoxy Primer MT

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• Excellent adhesion to shot/ grit blasted steel
• Use before bonding of Ronafix screeds to steel substrates, such as stair pans
• Moisture tolerant, can be applied to surface damp concrete and screeds
• Use before application of RonaDeck Resin mBonded Surfacing to porous or surface damp concrete
• Easy to apply
• Solvent free; low odour

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RonaFloor Epoxy Primer MT is a two pack solvent free primer for application to surface damp or porous concrete and screeded substrates. RonaFloor Epoxy Primer MT is typically used to prime concrete before application of RonaScreed self smoothing cementitious screeds, for excellent adhesion and minimal pin holing from porous substrates. Epoxy Primer MT may be applied to shot/ grit blasted steel before application of Ronafix polymer modified screeds to stair pans and other applications where deflection of steel is minimal.


First Coat: 3.5 – 4.5m2 per Kg | Second Coat 3.5 – 4.5m2 per Kg – Coverage is based on application to lightly textured, non porous surfaces

Supplied in 4.8kg composite packs, consisting of Base A and Hardener B. Available in clear, brick red or mid grey

Substrate Preparation

To achieve optimal adhesion it is essential that RonaFloor Epoxy Primer MT is applied to structurally sound, clean and touch dry substrates. Surfaces must be prepared after making good any defects in the floor, ensuring that friable materials are removed and replaced (for fast cure repairs refer to RonaFloor Repair 1 Hour data sheets). Concrete must be prepared by captive shot blasting or similar method to produce lightly textured, laitance free surfaces. Steel must be shot/ grit blasted to SA 2.5. Substrates must be cleaned to remove grease, oil anddirt. Substrates must be allowed to dry after washing. Substrates must be vacuum cleaned, to remove shot and other loose materials.

Application Conditions

The workability and application characteristics of RonaFloor Epoxy Primer MT are adversely affected by low temperature; viscosity and curing time will increase. Therefore the material should ideally be  stored, mixed and applied at 15°C to 20° C. At lower application temperatures the material should be stored at or warmed to 15°C to 20°C prior to use. Application characteristics are severely affected below 10°C, minimum application temperature is 5°C


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