RonaScreed Mortar – 25Kg Bag

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Rapid strength gain low temperature mortar and fine concrete floor screeds.

  • Ready for foot traffic after 12 hours
  • Ready for vehicle traffic after 24 hours
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Can receive floor coverings after 2-3 days


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Ronascreed Mortar – Floor screed and repair mortar

Ronascreed Mortar – Floor screed and repair mortar. RonaScreed Mortar is a rapid strength gain mortar for laying floor screeds, repairing floor surfaces and rapid set bedding applications for bricks, blocks, kerbs and other compatible building components. RonaScreed Mortar offers rapid strength gain and is capable of achieving 28 day strengths within 24 hours. RonaScreed Mortar may be applied at minimum temperatures of 0°C, permitting exterior application during cold weather and application in cold stores. For sub-zero repairs refer to RonaFloor Repair 1 Hour range.

  • Pre-packed product for consistent high performance
  • Ready for foot traffic after 12 hours
  • Rapid drying—can receive floor coverings such as vinyl, tiles and carpet after 2-3 days @ 50mm
  • Rapid early strength development, ready for light vehicle traffic after 12 hours and heavy vehicle traffic after 24 hours
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Unbonded and floating screeds from 35mm minimum thickness
  • Excellent compressive, flexural and tensile strength
  • Compatible with underfloor heating systems

Uses of Ronascreed Mortar – Floor screed and repair mortar

RonaScreed Mortar is used where speed of strength gain and/or rapid reduction of residual moisture and humidity are of importance. Industrial, commercial and residential floors laid or repaired with RonaScreed Mortar can be fully trafficked as early as 12 hours after mixing.

RonaScreed Mortar can be used in most weather conditions and in a wide temperature range, from 0°C to 25°C. At high ambient temperature the working time of the mix will be reduced; it will be increased at lower temperatures. Care must be taken when using them at low temperatures to ensure that the water used for damping (and the primer) does not freeze on contact with the substrate. In very low temperatures for additional speed warmed gauging liquid may be used for mixing

RonaScreed Mortar can be trafficked by foot as early as 12 hours after laying and by heavy vehicles after 24 hours (at 20°C.). This time may vary according to temperature and other site conditions. Floor finishes, including resilient flooring, tiles and resin coatings/ screeds may typically be laid after 2-3 days air curing at 50mm thickness, 200C and 60-65% relative humidity. Measure screed RH with a hygrometer in accordance with Annex A (normative) of BS 8203 Dampness testing.

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Additional information

Suitable for Substrates

Minimum Thickness: 35mm

Maximum Thickness:

Compressive Strength @ 28 days: 50 N/mm2

Walkable: 6-12 Hours

Finished Floor Laying After: 2-3 Days

Suitable for Substrates: Concrete / Technically Sound Surface



The Ronacrete group manufacture a comprehensive range of specialist materials for installation by expert contractors. For over 40 years, Ronacrete has been at the leading edge of product development and performance and across their six ranges, the company offer specialist solutions for a huge range of applications, from waterproofing and tanking to resin surfacing and specialist screed solutions.

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