RonaScreed SBR

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Ronascreed SBR Admixture for Thin Bonded Screeds

Bonded Screeds from 10mm

Open to foot traffic the next day

Open to heavy traffic after 3-5 days

Excellent wear resistance

Lay flooring over 50mm after only 10 days



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RonaScreed SBR

RonaScreed SBR Admixture screeds and toppings may be laid bonded as thin as 10mm. The cured mortar bonds securely to suitably prepared and primed surfaces and is water resistant. Bonded screeds are primed with a mixture of RonaScreed SBR and cement, which achieves monolithic adhesion to correctly prepared concrete or screeds of adequate strength for adhesion of a high strength topping.

The mix design for each is RonaScreed SBR admixture, cement, medium grade sharp sand, aggregate as determined by the mix design, plus water. The components are measured by weight or by volume (batch boxes only) on site and mixed using forced action mixer.


Floor finishes, including resilient flooring, tiles and resin coatings/ screeds may typically be laid after 10 days air curing at 50mm thickness, 20°C and 60-65% relative humidity. Measure screed RH with a hygrometer in accordance BS 8203 A.2.1 Insulated impermeable box. Low temperature, high humidity, increased screed thickness and changing the mix design will delay drying.

Working Temperatures

This Admixture can be used in most weather conditions and in a wide temperature range, typically from +3°C to 25°C and above. Note that at high ambient temperatures the working time of the mix will be reduced; it will be increased at lower temperatures.

Using the Surface

RonaScreed SBR screeds and toppings can typically receive foot traffic after 24 hours and heavy traffic after 3-5 days at 20°C. Allow more time in cold conditions.

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5L, 25L, 210L, 1000L



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