SlurryTub Filters 24 Pack

£110.00 exl. VAT

Per Unit


  • Bulk TRADE ‘Slab’ Pack of 24 Filters
  • Low Micron Industrial Grade Filter Paper
  • Fully Disposable, Biodegradable paper material
  • Designed only for SLURRYTUB use

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SlurryTub filter pack of 24.  Introducing the SLURRYTUB. A ground-breaking portable, filtration system, which has been designed to deal with a persistent problem within the building industry, disposal of wet trade slurry and the cleaning process of wheelbarrows and tools.

As one of the leading solutions to this problem existing on the market, SLURRYTUB offers a simple, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to the disposal of wet slurry. This product makes it possible to transform a concern into an opportunity for sustainability.

Within the construction and building sector, slurry has emerged as a significant challenge, as the waste consists of cement, water and other residues which can present a hazard to the environment and this in turn causes disposal challenges as the traditional means of disposal are often time-consuming and expensive.

However, SLURRYTUB is revolutionising this process. The simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the SLURRYTUB make it the ideal choice for construction sites of all sizes. The portable design allows for easy transportation and use, ensuring that slurry waste can be managed effectively, wherever it occurs. Due to the ease of use, construction teams and building sites can maintain cleanliness & avoid drain blockages.

Groundbreaking Filter replacements for SLURRYTUB. Dispose of wet trade slurry easily and keep tools and wheelbarrows clean.


  • Filter Pack – TRADE for SLURRYTUB – 24 ‘Slab’ Pack

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Slurry Tub

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