Tremco SX070 Feather Finish Compound

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  • Short setting and cure time, facilitating a fast track program and minimising disruption
  • Can be applied over well bonded thin film adhesive residues
  • Can be used to repair ridges and depressions up to 12 mm, or to achieve a true feather edge
  • Does not require a primer prior to application
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of common flooring substrates, including: concrete, sand/cement screeds, plywood, glazed and unglazed floor tiles, etc.

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Tremco SX070 Feather Finish Compound is a rapid drying feather finish compound for interior applications.


Tremco SX070 Feather Finish Compound is ideal for smoothing and repairing the subfloors prior to the installation of a floor covering.

Packaging; 10 kg bucket

Standards; All aspects of the installation must be in accordance with the requirements of BS 8204, BS 8203 (Installation of Resilient Floor Coverings) or BS 5325 (Installation of Textile Floor Coverings) and supplementary specifications.

Moisture Testing; (in accordance with British Standards 8203) Suitable for application on substrates with <75 % RH. It is recommended that a moisture test
is conducted prior to the application of SX070. For further details or to arrange for a moisture test please contact Tremco CPG UK Limited Technical Services.

Protective Equipmen; Use in well ventilated conditions and ensure all recommended protective equipment is worn during handling & use of this product. Contains Portland cement. Skin contact
with wet cement, fresh concrete or mortar may cause irritation, dermatitis or burns. For full recommendation, refer to safety data sheet.
Preparation; Ensure all surfaces to be coated are clean, dry, frost free and free from grease, oil, dirt, dust, loose friable material and any other contaminants
(coating, laitance, etc). Any surface hardener or curing compounds should be thoroughly removed prior to the application of SX070



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