Underfloor Heating Overlay Panels FR-XPS400 12mm Pipe

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SKU UFH-OL-XPS-12.12.18-150- 12-RTN Category


0.033 W/mk Fire Classification E – EN1350-1

If the panels are to be used with tiles, advice should be sought regarding suitable procedures and materials for priming, sealing and adhering.

Floor surfaces should be clean, dry and smooth prior to installation

Other thickness available on request

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Underfloor Heating FR-XPS & Cementitious reinforced FR-XPS Overlay panels. UFH Overlay Panels R-XPS 1200 X 600 Double Returns & Straights
100mm, 150mm & 200mm Centres – 10mm, 12mm & 16mm Pipe Diameters. The R-XPS overlay panel is a lightweight construction board designed for use with tiles, cement based screeds
and synthetic renders.

It is manufactured from a FR high density extruded polystyrene with a reinforced cement coating on the top and bottom surfaces providing excellent impact and compressive strength. The R-XPS panel can be cut using conventional tools and has good bonding properties for direct tile application using flexible cement based tile adhesives.

R-XPS Underfloor Heating Overlay panels can be bonded or mechanically fixed to a floor surface which should be clean and flat. Ideal for use in wet areas such as bathrooms and where there is exposure to moisture. For soft floor finishes, it is essential to cover the panel with a minimum of 10mm thick flexible, cement based levelling screed or with a suitable thickness plywood of at least 6mm.

For wood panelling and wood laminate, the panel should be covered with a minimum of 7mm thick flexible, cement based levelling screed. Some wood panelling may be applied direct dependent on suitable thickness and quality.

The Underfloor Heating Overlay R-XPS panels are not suitable for laying directly onto joists and must have a supporting floor surface such as plywood, floor grade chipboard or similar


E4 Structures

E4 Structures

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