Uzin KR 516 Repair Resin Box of 6 x 300ml Sets

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Low Odour Resin for Quick Restoration of Cracks, Bonding, Filling And Repairs.

  • Extremely fast setting
  • Adjustable consistency
  • Solvent free, and very low emission
  • Ready for foot traffic and smoothing over after just 45 minutes @ 20C

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Uzin KR 516 – Resin for quick restoration

Uzin KR 516 – Resin for quick restoration of cracks as well as bonding, filling and repairs. Versatile 2-component resin for repairing cracks and joints but equally suitable for bonding, filling and repairing mineral-based substrates. It hardens particularly quickly and after 45 minutes it is firm enough to allow levelling or bonding work. For interior or exterior use. The solvent-free silicate resin can be mixed by simply shaking it and is ready for use after 15 seconds. The consistency can be chosen from thin (2 minutes) to highly viscous (6 minutes) depending on the setting time. Many different applications are possible and small amounts can be used for minor repairs. Uzin KR 516 has very low odour during and after application, therefore it can be applied during ongoing operations. Screed insulating layers or expansion strips are not adversely affected by Uzin KR 516.


  • Sealing narrow and wide joints and cracks in screeds and concrete
  • Bonding of angle rails, nailboards, profiles and rods from metal, wood or plastic, or similar
  • Repairs on concrete, ceramics, stone, or similar
  • Use as installation and repair resin in building construction
  • High traffic in residential and industrial areas, e.g. in office buildings, hospitals, etc.
  • Hot water underfloor heating
  • Traffic from chair castors as per DIN EN 12 529


  • Pour bottle of component A into the bottle of component B and close it. Shake vigorously for 15 seconds.
  • The mixed material does not harden suddenly but continuously. For fluid usage apply within 4 minutes. For wide joints or bonding work allow the material to become slightly thicker, e.g. wait another 3 minutes and then process quickly. Note short processing time.
  • The material can be extended with quartz sand, e.g. Uzin Fine Sand.
  • Introduce Uzin Fine Sand into the resin while still damp to achieve a good bond with subsequent materials. Vacuum off loose sand after setting.
  • Clean tools immediately after use with Uzin CleanBox sheets.

All information on surface preparation, consumption and other important product details can be found on the technical datasheet.


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Additional information

Suitable for Substrates

Minimum Thickness:  N/A

Maximum Thickness: N/A

Compressive Strength @ 28 days: TBC

Walkable: 1 Hour

Finished Floor Laying After:  24 Hours

Suitable for Substrates: Concrete / Screed



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