Insulation – an energy efficient way to keep your home cool this summer.

Insulation energy efficient

Insulation energy efficient

Insulation energy efficient is often thought of as a large blanket that helps keep your home warm in winter. Despite this being true, many people are unaware of the benefits that insulation can bring to your home all year round. With Britain experiencing the longest heatwave in five years, and May and June’s temperatures reaching the highest on record, insulation could be your solution for avoiding a sweaty and uncomfortable home this summer, or for summers to come! 

Reduce your energy use

Without insulation, up to half of the energy we use to heat and cool our homes can pass through walls, ceilings, floors and doors; an obvious way of pouring your money down the drain. Insulation helps you to save money on energy bills by reducing the amount of energy you use, as well as reducing your reliance on heating and cooling systems, eliminating the amount of noise entering your home and generally helping to improve the comfort of your home. Above all else, insulation helps to reduce your carbon footprint and do your bit for the planet. But how does insulation help your home stay warm in winter and cool in summer?

Insulation slows the movement of heat between two spaces, so during summer, insulation prevents your home from overheating by not allowing the sun to pass through into your home. Therefore, if you have air conditioning, insulation can help make it more effective; reducing your reliance and your costs. However, even without air conditioning, insulation can still help maintain a comfortable living temperature by allowing the cool night air to remain inside during the day while avoiding the nuisance of unwanted wildlife invading your home through open windows. Similarly, in winter, insulation helps to prevent the heat produced by your central heating systems from leaving your home. Here at Screed Giant, we offer a wide range of insulation solutions, from Celotex Thermal Insulation known for achieving premium levels of energy efficiency, to EPS insulation known for its lightweight, strong and thermal resistant properties. 

If you want to reduce your energy bills, and reliance on heating or cooling systems, to become more eco-friendly, or simply to feel more comfortable all year round contact Screen Giant on 0330 118 0952.