Traditional radiators vs under floor heating

Traditional radiators vs underfloor heating

Traditional radiators vs underfloor heating

Traditional radiators vs underfloor heating.  For the past eight decades, radiators have been the standard heating system for homes throughout the UK but with their ugly, outdated, and often inefficient presence, underfloor heating is on the rise, regularly seen in new builds and renovations throughout the country. But is underfloor heating, really worth the extra cost and hassle?

Underfloor heating

Despite the perception that underfloor heating is significantly more expensive to install in many instances, specifically new builds, it is often no more expensive to install than radiators. Additionally, underfloor heating is an extremely cost-effective way to warm your home saving 15-40% of your annual fuel bills through short power-up time and running at lower temperatures than a standard radiator. Whilst this alone stands as an advantage underfloor heating creates the perfect comfort level in your home by not overheating and by distributing heat evenly; it provides an effective and efficient heating medium that is both out of sight and makes no demands on wall space. Therefore, proving advantageous to young families by eliminating the hazards radiators bring and allowing you to enjoy all the clean lines your home as to offer. 


Traditional radiators vs underfloor heating.  Opening up your home and providing you with the ultimate design freedom are not the only advantages underfloor heating offers, it is also a healthier alternative for heating your home with radiators often considered the main trigger for certain allergies and asthmatic symptoms. Radiators heat your home through convection currents which help to propel dust mites over the warm air and spread throughout your home without you realising. Underfloor heating helps to eliminate this risk by not circulating air through convection currents but through radiant heat from electric or water underfloor heating; in combination with their ugly exterior, inefficiency and unequal distribution of heat radiators are not always the most economical solution. 

However, underfloor heating does limit you to a small selection of appropriate flooring choices and prevent you from using your trusty radiators to dry your washing. Despite this, the money you will save from being more energy efficient in combination with your healthier, more comfortable and trendy home will make it all worthwhile! To find out how Screed Giant can help you prepare for a cold and miserable British winter with underfloor heating in your home contact us on 0330 118 0952.