Adomast Adotuf Lithium 25L

£255.00 exl. VAT

Per Unit


  • Fully dustproofs and densifies bare concrete floors
  • Low odour anf VOC free
  • Long lasting and UV stable—will not yellow, flake or discolour
  • Effective on both new and old floors
  • Resistant to surface whitening
  • Excellent durability; Non slip for safe floors

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Adomast Adotuf Lithium 25L is a VOC free, environmentally friendly, lithium silicate concrete floor densifier, hardener and sealer solution. This penetrating lithium silicate solution reacts with the concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores.
Treated surfaces resist damage from water and surface abrasion. This increased surface hardness significantly reduces surface dusting and simplifies cleaning. Adotuf Lithium 25L also reduces application time and costs of diamond polishing operations to create a highly glossy concrete floor.
Adotuf Lithium 25L will greatly extend the life of both old and new floors. It not only considerably reduces floor maintenance and subsequent cleaning costs, but also reduces dust hazard to both health and machinery. Adomast Adofuf Lithium is a treatment for all cement-bound floors, including concrete, terrazzo, limestone in both commercial and industrial settings. Adomast Adotuf Lithium will not be effective in binding together surfaces where the cement paste is of such poor quality that its surface is in a state of disintegration. Adomast Adotuf Lithium is supplied in a ready to use form.


As covering capacity is dependent upon floor porosity it is not possible to quote a specific figure. However, experience has shown that an average coverage of 5-10m2 per litre of Adotuf Lithium per coat may be expected.


All application equipment should be cleaned with fresh water immediately upon completion of application. Immediately wash off over spray from glass, aluminium, polished or other surfaces with fresh water.




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