Ardex A950 Multi-Purpose Repair Mortar - 25 Kg Bag

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Multi-Purpose, Deep Fill Renovation Compound.

  • Can receive all finishes after just 24 hours, regardless of thickness
  • No priming required
  • Slump free, apply from 2mm-100mm
  • Low tension, and shrinkage compensated



ARDEX A950 – Multi-Purpose Renovation Compound

ARDEX A950 – Multi-Purpose Renovation Compound  – is a grey multi-purpose rapid drying, deep fill renovation compound. Ardex A950 can reshape and repair walls and floors. Ardex A950 can also be used as a wall render or as a floor screed prior to tiling. Made of specialist cements, easily dispersible polymers and lightweight aggregates.

ARDEX A950 – Multi-Purpose Compound Uses

Repairing, rendering and smoothing of floors, walls and ceiling areas, filling of large cavities, and deeper sections. Ardex  950 can be applied as a deep filling repair mortar which hardens after approximately one hour. The mortar is stress-free and shrinkage compensated – Ideal for:
• Ideal for General building work, and filling large cavities and deep holes around door frames
• Can facilitate “dot and dab” fixing of plasterboards
• Can fix plasterboard to “box in” pipework or apertures
• Can be used as a modelling mortar, smooth and shape before drying with stencils to create architectural features such as columns and pedestals
• Smoothing, repairing and levelling of walls.
• Can be used as a screed for flooring in dry internal areas


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