Ardex K15 New Sub Floor Smoothing Compound - 22Kg Bag

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Rapid Drying, Self-Levelling Sub Floor Smoothing Compound.

  • Apply from feather edge up to 35mm thick
  • High compressive strength
  • Can receive floor coverings after just 4 hours
  • Can accept foot traffic after only 2 hours
  • Ideal for LVT installations




Ardex K15 New – Heavy Duty Self-Levelling Smoothing Compound.

Ardex K15 New – Heavy Duty Self-Levelling Smoothing Compound  is an advanced, Rapid Drying, Heavy Duty Self-Levelling Smoothing Compound. Due to the unique rapid drying properties, it can receive floor coverings in as little as 4 hours. The product will level and smooth, in a single application, most known uneven internal sub-floors including concrete, cement/sand screeds, porcelain, ceramic, quarry tiles and anhydrite screeds

Ardex K15 New Uses

For internal use only. Applications include smoothing tamped, uneven, damaged or rained-on in-situ concrete sub-floors, adjusting tolerances or camber problems between floors, slabs or pre-cast concrete, as well as smoothing old sub-floors and screeds in renovation projects. The surface must be hard, sound, free of dust, dirt and other barrier materials such as grease, paint, adhesive residues or loosely adhered materials, etc. In all cases where traces of adhesive residues are present these must be sound, well adhered and unaffected by water.


Pour the mixed Ardex K 15 onto the prepared sub-floor. The mixed mortar will flow out and self-level above 1.5mm during the first 15 minutes of its 30 minutes working time. Use a suitable steel trowel to obtain the required thickness. A steel finishing float can be used for feather edging and touch up work. Apply at temperatures above 5°C.

*It is recommended that the floorcovering is applied within 48 hours to avoid surface crazing and contamination of the floor. Any longer than 48 hours, the surface should be covered until the floor covering is laid.*

All information on surface preparation, priming and drying and curing can be found on the technical datasheet.


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Additional information

Suitable for Substrates

Minimum Thickness: 3mm

Maximum Thickness: 10mm

Compressive Strength @ 28 days: 28.8 N/mm2

Walkable: 2 Hours

Finished Floor Laying After: 24 Hours

Suitable for Substrates: Concrete / Screed

Technical Information

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