Ardex MVS 95 Moisture Vapour Supressant – 12Kg

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Ready-for-Use, One-Component Residual Moisture Vapour Suppressant.

  • Suitable for use on subfloors up to 95% RH
  • Suppresses residual construction moisture in concrete slabs and cement/sand screeds
  • Resealable and re-useable
  • Water based, low V.O.C. technology
  • Product dries in just 30 minutes @ 20C
  • Suitable for use on heated screeds


Ardex MVS95 – Moisture Vapour Suppressant

Ardex MVS95 – Moisture Vapour Suppressant is a ready for use, one component, water based, dispersion coating supplied in pre-gauged 12kg units. Ardex MVS 95 is supplied pigmented blue to indicate uniform coverage and is waterproof when fully cured. Ardex MVS 95 is designed to suppress residual construction moisture in cementitious substrates including suitably prepared power floated concrete and cement/sand screeds. Ardex MVS 95 is designed for use as a two coat system. When fully dry, two coats of Ardex MVS 95 produces a membrane which can accommodate hygrometer readings up to 95% RH, and allows the subsequent application of Ardex Levelling and Smoothing Compounds without priming.

  • Suppresses residual construction moisture in concrete slabs and cement/sand screeds
  • Suitable for use on subfloors up to 95%RH
  • Apply ARDEX Levelling and Smoothing Compounds direct without priming in as little as 2 hours
  • Ready for use, resealable and re-useable
  • Suitable for use on heated screeds
  • Water based, low V.O.C.Technology

Ardex MVS95 Uses

Ardex MVS 95 can be used on heated screeds that have been installed and commissioned in accordance with BS 8204 Part 1, taking into account the recommendations in Part 4 of BS EN 1264. It is not suitable for use on direct to ground substrates without a functioning, structural damp proof membrane. Please refer to the Ardex DPM 1C or Ardex DPM 1CR datasheet for applications where no structural damp proof membrane exists or the relative humidity is above 95% RH.

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