Ardex PSRS Penetrating Screed Renovation – 10Kg

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Penetration System for Defective Screeds.

  • Rapid installation reducing overall construction time
  • Overnight renovation of cement/sand screeds
  • Minimum disruption to occupants
  • Solvent free, and low odour


Ardex PSRS – Penetrating Screed Renovation System

Ardex PSRS – Penetrating Screed Renovation System. Ardex P S R S is an ultra-low viscosity, solvent free, two component, epoxy resin; designed for strengthening and restoring poorly compacted and low strength screeds that do not meet the required in-situ crushing resistance value when tested. ARDEX P S R S penetrates into the defective screed, filling voids resulting from poor compaction and consolidating loose particles. The cured resin filled substrate will provide a high strength screed that meets the highest soundness category given in BS 8204-1 for in-situ crushing resistance.

Ardex PSRS Uses

It is most useful in biologically sensitive areas where the removal of the screed will impact on the surrounding environment.

The resin and hardening agents are pre -gauged in their original containers to the correct mixing ratio (2.52:1).  The hardening agent (Component B), is added to the resin (Component A), and should be thoroughly mixed together with a spiral mixing paddle and a slow speed drill until a uniform consistency is achieved. It is important that all the components have been mixed. A proportion of the mixed product should be poured back in to the Component B can and stirred to ensure that: 1.Any hardener left in the can is amalgamated in the mix. 2. The resin is introduced into the can of hardener to ensure that any product left in the can will cure and can be disposed of as an inert chemical system. The proportion placed in can B should then be returned to the original mix and stirred again.


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