Mapei Adesilex VZ – 5Kg

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Double Coat Contact Adhesive In Solvent Solution.

  • Low viscosity
  • Immediate bond
  • High adhesions and elasticity
  • Can accept light foot traffic immediately
  • Ready for use immediately
  • Excellence resistance to moisture and ageing

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Mapei Adesilex VZ – Double coat contact adhesive

Mapei Adesilex VZ – Double coat contact adhesive in solvent solution. Adesilex V Z is a double coat polychloroprenic rubber based adhesive in a solvent solution, particularly suited for the fixing of P V C floor and wall coverings.

Adesilex V Z is a low viscosity with an immediate bond. After setting Adesilex V Z has high adhesion and elasticity. Resistance to temperature and ageing is excellent.

Mapei Adesilex VZ  Uses

  • Bonding of skirtings, step nosings or other profiles in plasticised P V C.
  • Bonding on curved or vertical surfaces where immediate grip is required.
  • Bonding of floor and wall coverings in P V C, cork or wood with P V C backing.

Adesilex V Z is used for bonding:
• profiles in P V C: mouldings, skirting, corners, nosings etc.;
• P V C or linoleum on curved surfaces or where an immediate bond is required;
• floor and wall coverings in P V C where an immediate bond is required or on non – absorbent surfaces;
• floor and wall coverings in cork or wood with P V C backing

Spreading the adhesive
Adesilex V Z is applied evenly with a fine notched trowel (MAPEI No. 1) both to the substrate and to the backing of the covering. Very absorbent substrates may require a priming coat.


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Since its beginnings in 1937 Mapei has grown so that it can now claim to be the worlds largest producer of adhesives and chemicals for the construction industry. The company has always believed in investing strongly in R&D and product development, and it is perhaps this more than anything that has led to their success. Mapei has been in the UK since 1989 with a manufacturing plant now producing over 100,000 tonnes across a vast product range.

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