RonaBond Bedding Mortar – 25Kg Bag

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Prepacked Mortar for Bedding Brick Slips and Building Components

  • Waterproof
  • Frostproof
  • High physical strength
  • Excellent long term durability
  • Monolithic adhesion


Ronabond Bedding Mortar – Pre-packed mortar for bedding

Ronabond Bedding Mortar – Pre-packed mortar for bedding.  RonaBond Bedding Mortar is used to bond brick slips, copings and other components to concrete and building surfaces. The cured mortar has high physical strength, is waterproof and frost proof and will not break down through frost action. Ronacrete Standard Primer is used to provide monolithic adhesion between the mortar, the slip and the substrate. Careful surface preparation is essential to ensure adhesion, long term durability and performance.


The surface to receive the slip must be mechanically prepared to ensure it is structurally sound and stable and strong enough to support the weight of the slip and the mortar.

The surface must be mechanically abraded by scabbling, needle gunning or similar methods to provide a strong, laitence free profile. Any coatings must be removed back to clean, sound concrete. Clean the surface to remove dust and debris.

The back of the brick slip / component must be cleaned to remove loose material and any contamination.

Damp the surface and the back of the slip / component with clean water; remove excess water.

Apply a single coat of Ronacrete Standard Primer to the damp surfaces; the primer must remain wet or tacky and must not dry before the mortar is applied.

Mix RonaBond Bedding Mortar as described (see Mixing).

Trowel the mortar on to the back of the slip / component, or on to the surface, to a bed depth of 612mm (typically).

Place the slip / component in to the mortar, position and brace. Ensure total contact between the slip / component, mortar and concrete.

Support the slip as necessary until the mortar has hardened sufficiently.

Avoid staining the face of slip with the primer or mortar.

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Additional information

Suitable for Substrates

Minimum Thickness: 6mm

Maximum Thickness: 12mm

Compressive Strength @ 28 days: 45 N/mm2

Walkable: N/A

Finished Floor Laying After:  N/A

Suitable for Substrates: Concrete / Screed



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