Designers are pouring over concrete flooring trends


The flooring world

The flooring world is hot for concrete right now. Not only is it cheap to maintain, but it is also proven to be a popular choice, being the most used man-made material on the planet! So how many ways can you utilise concrete as a flooring choice? Similar to the tile trends that we wrote about last month, we’ve listed a few designs that have caught our eye throughout 2018 so far.

Polished Concrete

Generally used in commercial buildings, polished concrete has really grabbed everyone’s attention this year. The possibilities are becoming more and more creative with the options of dyes, patterns and special effects catching designers’ imaginations. As it’s easy to maintain and cost-effective, this can be extremely handy for companies working on smaller budgets! An alternative to the popular use of concrete is to instead choose a screed or topping that has the appearance of concrete.

Poured Concrete Floor

When it comes to kitchen interior design, a concrete floor is a fantastic option, and here at Screed Giant we highly recommended it. It is known for providing comfort and complete design freedom. One of the leading trends is to use concrete stain as an alternative flooring choice. This style is growing in popularity because you can add your own design – tiling, wood or any other material your floor may be. Concrete stain can also be used on other surfaces and looks set for further growth in 2019.

Warm Underfoot

The idea of a concrete floor is often shunned by homeowners because it is perceived as being cold. However, when combined with underfloor heating, it works extremely well and can add a unique design element to a home or office. Concrete stores heat efficiently due to the chemicals used in the design, and subsequently, allows the heating to perform at its best.

Classic Country

Many designs come and go, but the trend for concrete flooring is set to last. Although it hasn’t always had a place in traditional flooring styles,  concrete flooring seems to have a boundless effect and can create a stunning interior design backdrop. If you’ve thought about using it as a flooring option in a more traditional setting, we recommend that you do. It could be just the style that your home needs.

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