Flowing Screed levels the playing field

In some European countries flowing screed (liquid screeds that are fluid and need only a small amount of work by a screeder) accounts for up to 80% of the screed market. Here in the UK, however, this type of screed hasn’t been as successful in taking over the marketplace. This does seem quite surprising given the obvious benefits of improved productivity, superior product properties, especially when it comes to underfloor heating, and of course, being much easier to lay. It is particularly effective for larger flooring spaces as flowing screed remains strong and is self-levelling. 

So why has it not taken the market by storm?

The exact reasons are largely unknown. When it first became available in the early 90s, the cost was certainly a factor – but that’s not uncommon for any new product entrant. There is still a general lack of product knowledge and awareness across the industry and among end consumers, so traditional screed is often considered to be the only option available. These, combined with the significant factor of a distrust of calcium sulphate (otherwise known as gypsum) that is used as a binder in most flowing screeds, has caused challenges for the flowing screed industry in the UK.

What is the solution?

A flowing screed based on cement seems an obvious answer, but it wasn’t until fairly recently that such a product became available. Cemfloor (www.cemfloor.co.uk) combined the best of both worlds – a quick, easy to install cement-based flowing screed that dries quickly – making it time and cost efficient. 

Even though Cemfloor has only been available for a short period of time, it is already in high demand and here at Screed Giant, we are pleased to stock such a popular product. We’re always on the search for solutions that make lives easier and more cost-effective for our customers.

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