The Answer May Be Underneath Your Nose, Or At Least Your Feet – Cellars!

cellar conversion

Cellar Space

In recent years, properties with a usable cellar space have become a valuable asset to homeowners. A conversion isn’t just ideal for adding value to your property, but also an extra-dimension you can use to make your home a happy one. For families needing more living space, the idea of a cellar conversion is often easier (and cheaper if you already have a cellar to convert) than adding an extension to your home, especially if you are on a small plot or don’t want to lose precious garden space. 

Getting the right advice

With the right advice, cellar conversions can be relatively straightforward and because the work is taking part underneath the main house, is less messy and has less impact on life whilst the conversion is taking place. Existing cellars are often usable with the right approach, but to be able to utilise them fully and maximise the impact, they have to be kept dry. Tanking systems provide an ideal waterproofing coating for builders to use and keep both cellar floors and walls firmly clear of damp seeping through and ruining your new decoration. Cellar tanking can sometimes be achieved through the application of liquid coating – making the walls watertight and safe from damage, but may require more specialist cavity and drainage systems! This is usually specialised work and expert advice should be sought.

Identify the purpose of your cellar

The purpose of your cellar conversion is important to your choices, for instance, flooring. If your cellar is cold, you may want to consider installing insulation and underfloor heating. If you’re going to use it as a playroom, then you may prefer something soft underfoot, or something that wipes clean and is durable. A media room may lend itself to acoustic solutions, such as adding soundproofing so that the rest of the house (and your neighbours) aren’t disturbed by your surround sound system. If you are looking to add in plumbing for perhaps an additional toilet or shower room, then this needs to be considered as well and of course, cellars are naturally dark, so think about the best way of lighting it for your intended use.

Even if you’re unsure about a cellar conversion, waterproofing it will still add value to your home. It may even provide the option for the next buyers to work on their own conversion – a unique selling point for somebody.

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