Codex Power CX2 Pallet of 42 x 25Kg bags

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Low-slump, very smooth, flexible thin-bed mortar for ceramic wall and floor coverings.

  • Groutable after 24 hours
  • Fibre-improved
  • Universal application
  • Extended adhesion time
  • High stress



Codex Power CX2 – Flex thin-bed mortar

Codex Power CX2 – Flex thin-bed mortar. Very low-slump, flexible, hydraulically hardening, thin-bed mortar to DIN EN 12004 C2 TE for the laying of ceramic wall and floor coverings, with a long working time. Codex Power CX 2 can also be used for the laying of ceramic wall and floor covering in private and commercial areas, as well
as for the levelling of small areas of unevenness in the substrate up to 5 mm layer thickness. For use in interior and exterior areas. Polymer-modified, hydraulic setting dry mortar. After mixing with water, produces a fine-particle, smooth and very stable mortar with good processing properties and long processing and correction time. Optimal for wall coverings.


Suitable for / on:

  • Fine and coarse ceramic tiles and panels
  • Earthenware, stoneware, clinker
  • Fine stoneware in interior areas
  • Concrete and natural stone panels resistant to deformation and discoloration
  • Compound insulation and light construction panels
  • Plasterboard
  • Tile carrier elements
  • Warm water underfloor heating
  • Compound dry screed elements
  • Cement, lime-cement and gypsum plaster
  • Masonry of brick, concrete, expanded concrete, lime sandstone
  • Locally poured concrete, prefabricated concrete components (at least 6 months old)
  • Calcium sulphate and cement screeds
  • Floor temperature control with electric surface heating cables or warm water

Technical Information

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