Remmers Multiplan SiC – 25Kg

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Highly loadable floor compound with special hardstuffs.

  • Easy to mix and distribute
  • Fast working; products even surfaces that can be directly utilised
  • Self-levelling
  • Very high surface hardness
  • Frost and water resistant

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Remmers Multiplan SiC Floor levelling compound

Remmers Multiplan SiC Floor levelling compound. Highly loadable and fast setting with special hardstuffs.  A fast setting, cementitious floor levelling compound with mineral hardstuffs and special additives. The mixed mortar is capable of flowing and levels itself.

Special product properties:

  • Easy to mix and distribute (can be pumped).
  • Fast working; produces even surfaces that can be directly utilised.
  • Layers from 8 to 15 mm thick, up to 30 mm in indentations.
  • Very little inherent stress, sets crack-free, good adhesive bond.
  • Very high surface hardness.
  • Resistant to water and frost.


  • Early loadable, self-levelling floor compound
  • In industrial and trade areas on concrete and cement screed
  • As a direct wearing layer for floors with heavy loads in warehouses, factory halls, workshops, garages, basements and living spaces
  • Also for industrial loads.

Application rate – SiC Floor levelling compound

  • Approx. 1.9 kg/m²/mm layer thickness (min. layer thickness 6 mm)
  • Single layer thickness 6 – 15 mm
  • Layer thickness in broken-out areas up to 30 mm
  • Determine the precise quantity needed on a suitably large trial area.

Range of use

  • Mineral substrates
  • Directly usable levelling layer
  • Industrial applications

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For more than 65 years, Remmers has been a successful, medium-size, independent family owned company. Their UK based empire was established in 1989, with the Head Office and Technical Training Centre opening in 2006. They are the leader in the manufacture of synthetic products for the building industry and the wood finishing industry. Their company culture is one of active innovation, providing products to exceed all customer expectations, and are committed to the sustainability of the environment.
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