Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter CME5

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CME4 is now CME5

The CME5 concrete and screed moisture meter is the new and improved version of the well-established and trusted Concrete Moisture Encounter 4 – CME4 – moisture meter, which has been a favourite amongst concrete moisture professionals for many years.


The Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter CME5, the updated CME4 Concrete Moisture Encounter, is a non-destructive analog concrete and screed moisture meter for measuring quantitative moisture content in concrete floors, slabs and screeds. The Concrete Moisture Encounter CME5, determines this instant and precise quantitative measurement of moisture content using Gravimetric testing as a baseline. This moisture meter for screed and concrete tests the concrete to a depth of approximately 20mm (3⁄4″) into the slab.

The CME5 concrete floor moisture meter also provides Carbide Method equivalent readings for concrete and anhydrite screeds or substrates. Comparative readings make this moisture meter suitable to perform a concrete moisture test as per ASTM F2659.

The CME5 is a top quality moisture meter for concrete and an essential tool for non-destructive testing of concrete and screeds for professionals in the concrete coatings or flooring industry to help prevent moisture problems on concrete floors.

The use of the CME5 can be extended with the optional Concrete Moisture Probe which detects in-situ quantitative moisture content within the concrete down to an extendable depth of up to 4″ (100mm). The CME5 is included in several concrete moisture test kits.



Tramex are international leaders in the design and production of Moisture Meters, with a reputation for the highest standards in quality and innovation. Our heritage in innovation began with our foundation in 1974. Inspired by our experience and knowledge of building moisture inspection, and working closely with Trinity College Dublin, one of the world’s leading research-intensive universities, we invented, patented and developed the first ever non-destructive moisture meters.

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