Colourful Concrete

Different Coloured concrete flooring


Concrete is highly recommended for patios and floors due to its durability, low maintenance, and versatility. Don’t settle for simple grey cement when there are many options for having colourful concrete.

Make your patio or floor the centre of attention with these colourful ways! Our last blog talked about integral colour vs colour hardener and here we’ll highlight more options.


Staining your concrete using an acid stain allows you to use the already existing surface of your patio or floor, thereby reducing the cost. Staining offers great durability as it doesn’t chip, peel, or become discoloured or fade while also offering ultraviolet light-resistance, inflammability, and the ability to pass water through the concrete without a detrimental effect. Staining also offers variability in style through polished looks, textures, and the look of stone or marble.


Want an even more vibrant colourful concrete? Dyes are the way to go! Adding pastel and earth-toned dyes that can be mixed together on the spot gives you even more colourful possibilities! Often dyes are used along with stains to achieve a more vibrant finish and allow for more coloured layering. The process itself is also faster and less hassle with minimal cleaning required and the dye drying in less than a minute!


Want a simple solution to touch up the beauty of your patio or floor? Just do a deep clean and apply a fresh sealant! Not only does it restore some of the looks of the patio or floor, but it also protects against stains, marks, de-icing salts, fading, water damage, dirt and mud, and chemicals. Sealants are low maintenance, only needing an easy soap and water or degreaser wash and a new coat of sealant every three years. Choosing to stain or dye your patio or floor? Seal your colourful concrete after to offer extra colour protection!

These small details and adjustments can bring together your entire patio or floor look! For more information on supplies needed for your patio or flooring needs, contact us or give us a call on 0330 118 0952.