Eliminate Barriers to Quality Flooring

Eliminate Barriers to Quality Flooring

Eliminate Barriers to Quality Flooring.  When you notice issues in your flooring?  Could it be an excess of moisture?

A flooring moisture barrier is key to quality, high-performing flooring installation. When installing a resin surface, you could notice severe issues if the substrate beneath an existing surface is damp.

In this instance, the obvious solution would be to break up and replace the substrate.  But we know this presents the risk of adding a considerable amount of project time and excessive costs.

To prevent this potential issue. A moisture barrier in the form of a liquid solution can be applied to the slab and offer a simple, rapid and less labour-intensive alternative to ripping out the old surface.

For an effective testing method to ascertain screed suitability for a resin finish, you can use a Tramex Moisture Meter to help Eliminate Barriers to Quality Flooring.

For high-quality resin floor installation, the moisture level of the substrate beneath shouldn’t exceed 4% by weight when using a Tramex meter. The meter is no bigger than a standard calculator and is used by probes pushed onto the floor. The gauge can easily measure the substrate’s moisture content.

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