In Conversation with Adomast

In Conversation with Adomast

In conversation with Adomast.  We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Adomast and discuss their fantastic range of products available at Screed Warehouse. With over 50 years of experience as a trusted construction chemical manufacturer, Adomast brings you a wide range of specialist products designed to meet even the most complex challenges.

Adomast popular product

In Conversation with Adomast: “Our most sought-after product from the Adomast range is Safecure Super, and for good reason. It stands out as a flagship product due to its 90% proven curing efficiency, a metric that significantly surpasses industry standards. Notably, Safecure Super holds WRAS approval, assuring our customers of its compliance with stringent quality and safety benchmarks.

This product’s popularity stems from its performance in enhancing the curing process of concrete, ensuring robustness and longevity in construction projects. Its formulation incorporates cutting-edge technology which fortifies concrete, reducing surface defects, and dusting.”

Adomast trade

Adomast: “Adotuf and Adotuf Lithium can be considered our trade secret products. These products are easy to apply and can have such a big effect on the concrete they are something special.

They are all-in-one products, they densify, harden, dustproof and seal.

They improve the lifespan of old and new cement-based flooring giving increased resistance to water, staining, and abrasion. Adotuf lithium reduces the time and costs of diamond polishing applications to create a highly glossy concrete floor.”

Adomast Developments

Adomast: “This year we have launched many new mortar repair products. Kerb repair has been one of our favourites, a fast setting, high-strength, mortar repair that can be feather-edged, giving a high-strength repair which saves time and effort.”

working screed

The strong rapport we’ve developed has fostered a collaborative environment, enabling us to achieve our goals efficiently and effectively. Projects like this that help us showcase our products together make working alongside Screed Warehouse such a pleasure.

Concrete remover

Adomast: “We can offer fantastic savings on the Adosafeclean concrete remover.”

Thank you to the Adomast Team!