Indoor Quarantine DIY Projects

Indoor Quarantine DIY Projects

We get how easy it is to get caught up in starting your next concrete project

Indoor quarantine DIY.  We get how easy it is to get caught up in starting your next concrete project. You have this image in your head of how everything will turn out and you just have to start. But nothing is more annoying than having to pause and take 10 trips to the store because you didn’t properly prepare with the right tools. Don’t worry we have you covered. This is our list of the top 10 tools and accessories you should have before starting your concrete project.

  1. Shovels

You might already have a good shovel laying around. Trust us when we say it’s time to pull it out. It will be useful for moving small amounts of concrete and filling in small gaps or hard to reach places. 

  1. Screed

You will need a good screed to smoothen and level out the concrete. It is very simple to use but helps create a perfect finish. There are different types to consider for your project so be sure to get the right one (top tip – we can help you there!)

  1. Wheelbarrows

No matter what size project you have, you need a wheelbarrow. It will make your life so much easier. This will protect your back when moving concrete and cement throughout your project.

  1. Floats

This tool will be essential in your process to achieve a smooth finish. A float is meant to slightly raise liquids to the surface so you can have a smooth finish without little air bubbles popping up later on.

  1. Mixers

Your mixer will be vital to your project when using raw concrete. They come in a range of sizes but the idea is it will help you mix small amounts of concrete when your project is not big enough to use ready-mix concrete. Consistent mixing is key to making your concrete highly durable and with a high strength.

  1. Trowel

Another tool used to achieve your desired smoothness. A trowel is a classic tool which you can either get as a hand held tool or a walk-behind trowel. It is very simple to use but no less effective than other tools we’ve mentioned to smooth the surface.

  1. Rubber Gloves

Your work gloves are mandatory!  You’ll be saving yourself from burns, blisters and a great deal of discomfort. The chemicals in concrete can cause extensive damage and irritation, especially over the course of many years working with concrete. 

  1. Rubber Boots

Just like your gloves, your boots are a vital safety item. Waterproof rubber boots (ideally with a steel toe cap) are best for maximum protection and comfort. They will also allow you to step into the concrete safely if you need to throughout the project.

  1. Polishers/Grinders

A polisher will give the final touch of shine to your concrete, or use the grinder to create a unique look.

  1. Bucket

Possibly one of the simplest tools you will need can be very helpful. Indoor quarantine DIY.  Changing weather conditions can make it very difficult to manage the concrete. Using a pail or bucket to wet the concrete makes it a bit more manageable. 

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