Indoor Quarantine DIY Projects

Indoor Quarantine DIY Projects

There’s been a large increase in indoor quarantine DIY (Do It Yourself) projects due to everyone having to stay home at this time. Maybe you’re noticing cracks in the tile or chips in your worktop that you didn’t have time to notice before, and your creative mind is going wild with home improvement ideas. Well now that you finally have time to get to them, we thought it would be nice to outline some of these projects so you can stay busy and productive at home.

Let’s start with a room that you use every day but rarely think to upgrade. Your bathroom! There are many little DIY projects to keep you busy here. Starting with your bath or shower. Have you ever noticed the grout between the tiles in on your bath or shower walls? Or even on your shower floor? Maybe it’s time to fix some of those cracks that have been growing there, or perhaps regrouting will freshen it up and make your shower look like new again? Maybe you’re tired of the tile all together? It might be time to upgrade your bathroom look with a new retiling job and a new coat of paint for your bath. You can also add a tile splashback to your bathroom worktops and your worktops themselves may need a fresh look as well – a concrete vanity  overlay could be just what you need to bring your outdated bathroom into the modern-day.

Many of these same projects can be applied to your kitchen! A fun DIY project for your kitchen is adding or changing the wall or floor tiles in the busiest room of the house to create a completely new look. With so many options to choose from, you can create a Mediterranean feel with an Italian vineyard essence in your kitchen with rustic painted tiles, or go for the Greek feel with white and blue tiles. You could even add a special touch with tiles customised with a unique family crest or name design. If you already have something similar in your kitchen, it may be time to touch up some of the grout in there too – changing just the colour of the grout can give you a completely new look, with very little work! If you’re looking for a modern or industrial look, concrete austere fixtures can be a great addition for your kitchen counters as well.

Another creative tile DIY option is to think about adding features to your staircase using unique visuals with tile stencils. The best way to go about this project is by designing and stencilling your tiles before applying them so that you can use a work table to lay them on. Then once the designs are set, install the tiles onto the vertical surface of the steps.

Here at Screed Giant, we are open for telephone and online orders to ship directly to your home. We can help you get supplies and tools for your next indoor quarantine DIY home improvement project so you can continue to practice safe social distancing. For more information, contact us on 0808 169 6967.