Ardex WPC – 2 Part 5Kg & 5Kg

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Flexible Rapid Drying and Setting Waterproof Coating.

  • Rapid setting and drying – can be tiled on after just 90 minutes
  • Simply to apply with a roller, paint brush or trowel
  • For domestic or commercial situations
  • Fills gaps and plugs holes
  • Waterproofing, tiling and grouting can be completed in one day


Ardex WPC – Waterproof Protection Coating

Ardex WPC – Waterproof Protection Coating is a cement based, rapid drying waterproof protection coatings that allow tiling to commence after just 90 minutes. With an adjustable mix ratio, Ardex WP C can be used to fill holes, gaps and joints, as well as for general waterproofing application.

Ardex WPC Uses

Ardex WPC is used to waterproof backgrounds such as cement or gypsum plaster, plasterboard or wood-based materials prior to fixing tiles in domestic or commercial kitchens, showers and bathrooms.

NOTE: The use of timber-based sheets and boards should be avoided if at all possible in wet locations. Ideally, they should be replaced or over sheeted with plasterboard prior to applying Ardec WPC. Timber-based sheets or boards are not recommended for use in commercial showers etc.

NOTE: Concrete floors and cement/sand screeds may also be protected from the ingress of surface water by the application of Ardex WPC.


Use Mix One for application with a spatula, pallet knife or trowel for sealing joints in corners and filling holes and gaps around fixtures, pipes, etc., prior to applying two coats of Mix Two. Where joints tend to crack, they should be reinforced with ARDEX Mesh Scrim Tape prior to applying Mix One. To fill uneven areas with a trowel, a single application of Mix One, at least 3mm thick, is required to obtain an effective waterproof protection coat (no overcoating with Mix Two is necessary).

Mix Two should be used to give a complete coating on the surface, applying it evenly with a paint brush or roller, and working the material well into the corners with a brush. To obtain an effective waterproof protection layer, a second coat will be necessary and the total thickness should be at least 0.8mm. The second coat of Mix Two can be applied approximately 30 minutes after the first coat. Ceramic tiles, mosaics, etc., can be fixed onto the second coat after approximately 1 hour at 20°C.

Do not apply Ardex WPC or Ardex WPC W at temperatures below 5°C. The drying time will be shortened at high temperatures and extended at low temperatures.

All information on surface preparation, mix types and fixing tiles can be found on the technical datasheet.


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