Flowcrete ScreedRapide Additive – 25 Kg Box

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Rapid Drying Screed Additive for High Early Strength Screeds.


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Flowcrete ScreedRapide – High early strength and drying screed additive

Flowcrete ScreedRapide – High early strength and drying screed additive. ScreedRapide is a screed additive incorporating accelerating, water reducing and shrinkage compensation compounds to provide a high early strength and drying screed. ScreedRapide can achieve high resistance to indentation, to meet BS8204-1 Category A (heavy duty) of the BRE Screed Test Classification within 7 days of laying (dependent on temperature and compaction methods).

Coverage: 650g per 25Kg cement – 0.45 Kg / m2 @ 50mm, based on 4:1 mix

Packaging: 25Kg box (38 x nominal 650g sachets)

Flowcrete ScreedRapide Uses

New construction or refurbishment of retail units where the screed needs to be trafficked or overlaid quickly. Screeds incorporating ScreedRapide additive may be laid bonded, unbonded or floating (for weight saving and thermal or sound insulation) and may be used with proprietary underfloor heating systems.


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Flowcrete / Isocrete

Flowcrete has been at the forefront of resin flooring technology for over 30 years. Isocrete has been one of the most respected brands in floor screeding materials since the 1960s and was acquired by the Flowcrete Group in the 1990s. Today the group is one of the most respected flooring materials suppliers worldwide, with a huge range of screeds and coatings.
Isocrete Primer - acrylic emulsion

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