Instarmac Level IT Renovate IT

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For use on internal and external floors
Can be used as a light duty wearing course
Ready to receive foot traffic in as little as 2-2.5 hours
Can receive floor coverings after 4 hours
Suitable for us over most strong and stable subfloors
Fibre reinforced with flexible properties
Compatible with underfloor heating
Low odour and protein free



UltraFloor Level IT Renovate is a single part, fibre reinforced smoothing underlayment. The product’s unique formulation consists of a powered blend of cements, graded fillers and additives. UltraFloor Level IT Renovate is suitable for the refurbishment of existing internal and external floors and is suitable for use on both commercial and domestic applications. It
has excellent flow properties making it ideal for a wide range of flooring substrates. It is ready to receive floor coverings after 4 hours or can be left as the final wear surface.

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20Kg, Pallet of 48 x 20Kg bags



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